Lara Parker Husband
Lara Parker Husband

Lara Parker Husband: A Tale of Love and Support!

Lara Parker Husband: Lara Parker, an accomplished actress whose work has appeared on screen, in theater, and on television, has left an unforgettable imprint on the world of show business. For many years, her performances were a hit with the public.

Starring as Angelique on the ABC serial opera “Dark Shadows” and going on to make film and Broadway appearances, Lara Parker was a shining star in the entertainment industry. As the daughter of well-known parents like Albert and Ann Rickey, she had access to many influential people.

Lara was determined to further her studies, and she was rewarded for her efforts when she was awarded a scholarship to Vassar.

She continued her education with graduate work at Iowa State University. She had a successful and varied acting career, and her portrayal of Angelique made her a household name.

Not only as an actress, but also as a writer and a teacher, Lara Parker will be remembered for a long time. Lara Parker tragically passed away on October 12, 2023, in Los Angeles, a week before her 85th birthday. Her legacy in the fields of entertainment and education was immense.

Is Lara Parker still alive?

Celebrity actress Lara Parker, 84, passed away on October 12, 2023, in Los Angeles. She was most remembered for her role as Angelique Bouchard on the long-running ABC serial series Dark Shadows. Her death at home was a gentle one.

Lara Parker Husband

It was just a few weeks before her 85th birthday, and her agency verified the news. Actress Lara Parker cemented her place in pop culture history with her depiction of the malevolent witch Angelique in the classic ABC gothic drama “Dark Shadows.”

This legendary performance marked a turning point in her acting career as she had a complicated love-hate connection with Jonathan Frid’s Barnabas Collins.

Meet Lara Parker’s Husband Jim Hawkins and Children

Moving on to Lara Parker’s private life, she has had two major marriages along her romantic path. She was previously married to Tom Parker from 1959 till 1974.

After that, she tied the knot with Jim Hawkins, a contractor. Caitlin, their daughter, was born after she married Jim. During her first marriage to artist Tom Parker, Lara Parker had two boys, Rick and Andy.

Lara’s love for her sons, Rick and Andy, and the memories she had with them, when they were growing up, were an important part of her life and would be remembered fondly by future generations.

Rick made it big in the music industry as a producer, while Andy went into contracting. Caitlin Hawkins, on the other hand, found her calling as a stylist and set designer for commercials and videos.

Rick, Lara’s son, married Miranda Lee Richards, a singer, and they have a son named Wesley. Lara Parker’s upbringing by her kind relatives was invaluable.

Who are Lara Parker’s parents?

Lara Parker’s family was the foundation upon which her life was built. Her parents, Albert Rickey and Ann Rickey, were both prominent figures in their own right.

Her upbringing was well-connected because both her father (a renowned attorney in Memphis) and mother (engaged in civic groups) were pillars of the community. Like her siblings, Lara benefited much from growing up in a close family unit.

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Identify the actress Lara Parker.

Lara Parker’s birth date is October 27th, 1938, and her birth name is Mary Lamar Rickey. She turned 84 years old in 2023.

Her unforgettable performance as Angelique on the ABC TV series Dark Shadows, which aired from 1966 to 1971, is inextricably linked to her legacy. Memphis, Tennessee was the setting for the formative years of Lara Parker.

The great-great-granddaughter of Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II and the third-great-granddaughter of Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, an uncle of Confederate General James Longstreet, she came from a family with deep roots in the South.

Lara started her educational path at Vassar College, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree. She attended what is now Rhodes College but was formerly called Southwestern University to satisfy her hunger for knowledge and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. She decided to extend her studies by getting a Master of Arts in speech and theater from the University of Iowa.

After gaining recognition in a recurring part on the short-lived series Jessica Novak, she landed the role of secretary Wanda in the 1977 television miniseries Washington: Behind Closed Doors.

Lara Parker’s cinematic career began in the 1970s when she made an indelible impression with Robert De Niro in the Brian De Palma picture “Hi, Mom!”

Lara Parker portrayed Peter Fonda’s character’s wife in the 1975 film “Race with the Devil.” Her acting skills were not limited to the big screen, as she made her Broadway debut in “Woman is My Idea” that same year.

She continued to be deeply committed to Dark Shadows, so much so that she voiced Angelique in a number of audio plays. The unabridged audiobook versions of her first three books have her reading them.

Together with old “Dark Shadows” co-stars Kathryn Leigh Scott and David Selby, she worked on this picture with writers and directors Ansel Faraj and Nathan Wilson. Having such legendary actors share screen time together was a recipe for success.

How much money does Lara Parker have?

According to Idol Net Worth, Lara Parker is worth an estimated $9 million thanks to her great career as a television, stage, and film actor.

Lara Parker has had a remarkable career in show business, marked by memorable roles and impressive accomplishments that have brought her not only widespread acclaim but also material success.

History of Lara Parker’s Education

Lara Parker’s intellectual acuity and dogged persistence set her apart throughout her academic career. Lara Parker started out at Memphis’s Central High School when her extraordinary abilities first came to light. Because of her extraordinary ability, she was awarded a full ride to the prestigious Vassar College.

Her early interest in learning led her to choose philosophy as her major at Vassar. However, she eventually finished her Bachelor of Arts degree at Southwestern University, which is now called Rhodes College.

Lara pursued further education at the post-baccalaureate level, enrolling in the University of Iowa to earn a Master of Arts in speech and drama.

She started an acting profession and wrote her thesis at the same time. Lara left the acting industry to become a high school English teacher and continue her education, eventually graduating with an MFA in creative writing from Antioch University.

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