Miriam Adelson Net Worth

Miriam Adelson Net Worth: How Much Money a Doctor Earn?

As the widow of Sheldon Adelson, Miriam Adelson (née Farbstein; born 10 October 1945) is a doctor who practices addiction medicine in Israel and the United States. She inherited the Las Vegas Sands from her late husband in 2021 and, as of November 2023, had a net worth of $32.8 billion, making her the fifth wealthiest woman in the United States.

In addition to being the wealthiest Israeli, she ranks 42nd on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and 44th on Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthiest people. Mark Cuban agreed to sell the Dallas Mavericks to Adelson for $3.5 billion, but Cuban would keep a minority position and continue to manage the team. Adelson is now completing the transition to majority ownership.

Miriam Adelson Net Worth

A doctor, political donor, and casino heiress with a net fortune of $34 billion, Miriam Adelson is of Israeli American descent. After being married to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson for almost 30 years, Miriam inherited his wealth. January 11, 2021 was the date of Sheldon P.’s death. Sheldon had a net worth of $40 billion when he passed away.

The Las Vegas Sands casino empire, which brings in over $4 billion annually, was passed down to Miriam as majority owner upon his death. She has accumulated 56.7% of the outstanding shares of the publicly traded Las Vegas Sands firm, and the Adelsons have been dividend recipients to the tune of $10 billion throughout the past 30 years.

Miriam, a physician who served in the Israeli army, is the brains behind a drug addiction clinic in the United States and another in Israel. In 1991, after both of them had gotten divorces, they were matched up on blind dates with Sheldon.

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Until his passing in 2021, they stayed together. She has become one of the world’s wealthiest women today. Additionally, Miriam and Sheldon stood out as two of the most substantial contributors to conservative causes and Republican candidates.

Miriam Adelson Early Life

On October 10, 1945, in Tel Aviv, Mandatory Palestine, Miriam Farbstein came into this world. Her parents sought refuge in the Middle East after fleeing Poland in the midst of the Holocaust. Her family moved to Haifa, Israel, when she was a little girl, and her father started a movie theater chain.

At Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, Miriam studied microbiology and genetics for her Bachelor of Science degree. She continued her education at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Medical School, where she received her medical degree.

When Miriam finished medical school, she worked as an emergency room doctor in Tel Aviv’s Rokach Hopsital. There was another doctor she wed about this time as well. Prior to their 1980 divorce, they were parents to two children. Over time, she worked her way up the ranks and is now chief internist at the emergency department of the hospital.

Sheldon Adelson Marriage

After getting a job at Rockefeller University in 1986, Miriam relocated to New York City. There, she focused on drug addiction. Sheldon Adelson was someone she met in 1989. On a blind date, they were set up.

In 1991, Sheldon tied the knot with Miriam. While on their honeymoon in Venice, Italy, Sheldon, who had become a rich trade show magnate with a flourishing casino business, had a vision for a massive resort and hotel inspired by an Italian city.

Casino Fortune

The 1979 Las Vegas COMDEX computer industry trade fair was the catalyst for Sheldon’s initial success. Sheldon spent $110 million in 1988 to buy the Sands Casino. Sheldon demolished the Sands in 1991 and then spent $1.5 billion building his ideal megaresort. A new casino he opened up was named The Venetian.

Sheldon and his partners took $862 million in 1995 when they sold their trade show firm to SoftBank. Sheldon made more than $500 million from the transaction. Macau and Singapore were two of the many cities that Sheldon’s empire eventually encompassed.

Republican/Conservative Donations

Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency, Sheldon and Miriam were well-known for their generous support. During the 2020 election cycle, the Adelsons were projected to donate $200 million to Trump and the Republican party.

The Adelsons gave Republicans $93 million in 2012. For the 2016 presidential election, Sheldon and Miriam contributed $82.58 million; for the 2018 midterms, they contributed $123.25 million.

Miriam Adelson Personal Life

After a long marriage, Miriam and Arial Ochshorn eventually filed for a divorce in 1980. Together, they produced two daughters. They stayed together after her 1991 marriage to Sheldon ended upon his death in 2021. Through his first marriage, Sheldon was able to adopt three children.

The Atherton, California property was purchased by Yasmin Lukatz, one of Miriam’s daughters from her previous marriage, for $35 million in 2015. May 2022 saw the sale of her mansion for $45 million.

Miriam Adelson Las Vegas Mansion

A 2-acre Las Vegas property was purchased by Sheldon and Miriam in 2005 for $4.1 million. A colossal mansion with eight bedrooms and twenty bathrooms measuring forty-three thousand square feet was constructed over the subsequent eight years. There is a private water park in the backyard of the expansive home, which sits on three lots. As far as Clark County, Nevada, private residences go, this one is at the top.

Malibu Colony

Sheldon and Miriam amassed an astounding nine oceanfront houses in the ultra-exclusive gated Malibu Colony area over the course of several decades. Roughly 10% of the Malibu Colony housing stock is located there.

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