4th Of July Car Deals
4th Of July Car Deals

4th Of July Car Deals: When do Car Sales start?

As a way to celebrate Independence Day, car lots are giving discounts on some new cars until the end of the holiday weekend. This year, the fireworks might not be as bright as in the past because the auto industry is having trouble getting chips, material costs are going up because of inflation, and there aren’t as many things to buy. But an analysis by Consumer Reports shows that you can still find good deals on cars and SUVs if you know where to look about 4th Of July Car Deals.

Analysts at Consumer Reports looked at national incentives to find models that are worth considering for the best 4th Of July Car Deals. To make sure the featured SUVs are good buys, we focused on models with a high Overall Score, which took into account how well they did in road tests, how happy their owners were, how reliable they were, and how safe they were.

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When does the 4th of July Car Deals start?

The Fourth of July Weekend will begin on Friday, July 1, 2022, and continue through Tuesday, July 5th. Even though 4th of July sales activities begin on Friday and continue through Monday, the vast majority of announced deals are valid throughout the entire month of June. On the other hand, for salespeople to reach their holiday quotas, they will be most willing to negotiate during the weekend itself.

Top 8 Best 4th of July Car Deals

2022 Buick Encore GX

When it comes to SUVs, the Buick Encore GX falls somewhere in the middle. If you’re on a tight budget yet want an upmarket interior, this is the vehicle for you. Get a 36-month 0% APR loan on an Encore GX.

Price: $26,800 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail
For a limited time, 0% APR Financing is available for 36 months.
Ends on 7/5/22

2022 Chevrolet Equinox

In the compact SUV market, the Chevy Equinox is a wonderful value and a good fit for many drivers. It’s a good compromise between an SUV’s utility and a compact car’s ease of maneuverability. For 60 months, you can get 0% APR finance on one vehicle or $1,250 in cash.

Price: $26,800 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail
For the time being, you can choose between a 60-month, 0% APR loan or a $1,250 cash allowance.
Ends on 7/5/22

 2022 Honda Pilot

A family-friendly midsize 3-row SUV with a minivan-like utility, the Honda Pilot, is a popular choice for families. With the basic V6 engine, you get both power and economy. Purchase a Pilot for 48 months for a 1.9 percent APR.

The suggested retail price is $38,080.
Financing at 1.9 percent APR for 48 months is currently available.
Ends on 7/5/22

Why is The 4th Of July Car Deals a Good Time to Buy a Car?

The Fourth of July vacation is a great opportunity to browse for a new car. To encourage customers, auto dealers take advantage of lengthy weekends by offering special discounts. Over the long weekend, some dealerships may even give a bonus to their top salespeople. For several reasons, car sellers will offer discounts throughout the holiday weekend:

4th of july car deals
4th of July car deals
  • People get an extra day to go automobile shopping when there is a three-day weekend. Since dealership sales efforts can be boosted by “events” and other promotions, dealerships will do so.
  • During the holidays, many vehicle buyers plan to visit numerous dealerships in a single day, so dealerships will do everything they can to keep you from going elsewhere.
  • Over the summer, convertibles and sports cars are in high demand.
  • When the weather is pleasant, it makes people want to get out of the home, but it’s hot enough that you’ll want to spend time inside the showroom or take a test drive if you visit a dealership now (expect free sodas and snacks to keep you inside).

To meet their incentive goals for July, car salespeople have started their monthly quotas and are eager to get a head start. Particularly given that this is the only day off in the month.

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