Shooting At Phoenix Police Helicopter After Bank Robbery
Shooting At Phoenix Police Helicopter After Bank Robbery

A Man Fired At A Police Helicopter In Phoenix After A Bank Robbery!

A newly released, edited video from the Phoenix Police Department on Thursday depicts an armed bank robber firing toward a police helicopter before being shot by a sergeant.

According to police, Charles Andrew Rock entered the Desert Financial Credit Union on April 20 carrying a weapon and a homemade bomb and demanding money.

This is where it all began. Before leaving with $1,000, he made bomb threats to everyone, according to court filings. A 911 caller described his car’s appearance and destination to the police.

When it saw Rock’s automobile, a police helicopter started to follow it. Detectives claimed that after pulling into a strip mall near 28th Drive and Cactus Road, the man exited his vehicle and fired 26 shots at the chopper.

Shooting At Phoenix Police Helicopter After Bank Robbery

“Air 23, the unit is firing at us. The suspect is firing at us at 28th and Cactus, firing at the helicopter,” In the police radio chatter, a helicopter officer mentioned something. The chopper was unharmed.

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According to police, a Phoenix sergeant spotted Rock shooting at the chopper while driving an unmarked pickup truck. The sergeant shot Rock from his car.

The sergeant had no body camera on. The sergeant followed Rock as he returned to his car and headed south on 28th Drive. Rock then made a turn into another parking lot, surrendered, and was then brought into prison.

After being brought to the hospital, he was later released. He was arrested and charged with several felonies. The Phoenix Police sergeant who shot him has worked for the department for 17 years.

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