Are Chloe And Shayne Still Together
Are Chloe And Shayne Still Together

Are Chloe And Shayne Still Together From ‘Perfect Match’?

In the Netflix seriesPerfect Match,” cast members from previous reality shows are matched together for a second chance at romance.

Shayne Jansen, who was first introduced in Season Two ofLove Is Blind,” seemed as though he would eventually leave Netflix’s “Perfect Match” without finding love for the first few episodes of the series. He went out on a few dates, but they ended abruptly.

Before he met Chloe Veitch of Too Hot to Handle Season 1 and “The Circle” Season 2, everything seemed to go wrong.

On their date, the two got along immediately, and Jansen was charmed by her bubbly nature. They decided to pair off. Later, she admitted that she was falling for him.

However, their developing relationship was briefly put on hold when Veitch’s ex, Mitchell Eason, who she first met when they both featured on Season Two of The Circle,” arrived. Veitch started dating Eason again, and Jansen was briefly sent home.

Veitch eventually saw that the problems that caused her and Eason’s split were still plaguing them. Eason’s relationship with her was permanently ended, and Jansen returned to the “Perfect Match” villa.

Veitch and Jansen managed to last until the conclusion despite a few heated arguments, including one about her splashing him after diving into a pool. Despite being one of the finalists, Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati ultimately won the prize.

Veitch discusses her love triangle in an interview with

Chloe Veitch Has No ‘Perfect Match’ Regrets!

The “Too Hot to Handle” actress claims she doesn’t regret putting her relationship with Jansen on hold to pursue Eason.

“I needed to date Shane and then date Mitchell to really see how different they were. Not comparing them to each other but to also my inner self. Like, how do I feel being with these individual men? Do I feel strong, empowered, loved, cared for? And it really opened my mind to what Chloe actually wants in a man,” she says.

She jokes, “Dating multiple guys isn’t normally my forte, but it is amazing because obviously they’re both really sexy.”

Are Chloe And Shayne Still Together

Veitch had not watched the episodes at the time of the interview. She was anxious to see Jansen’s response to her considering reconciling with Eason again.

“I’m gonna see Shane hurting on the show when I watch it,” she says. “So I’m probably gonna close my eyes for that. But (on a) competition dating show, these things happen.”

She claims that although the choice was difficult, it was necessary.

In a second interview with, Eason expresses a similar perspective. He claims that when he agreed to appear on “Perfect Match,” he was unaware that his ex-girlfriend would be there.

He claims they didn’t truly get to know each other before their relationship ended the first time, so he decided to try it.

“I don’t regret it because at the end of the day, I wanted to just give it my all for the show and for myself. It’s sad it didn’t work out with me and Chloe, but we’re good friends,” he explains.

Are Chloe Veitch And Shayne Jansen Still Together?

In essence? Veitch and Jansen are not romantically involved. Veitch and the “Love Is Blind” actor discontinued their relationship after “Perfect Match” finished.

“We’re not together unfortunately,” she says. “Towards the end of the episodes in ‘Perfect Match,’ there were some bumpy roads, up and down.” 

On the program, Jansen battled with forgiving Veitch and letting go of her brief reconciliation with Eason.

She continues, “When I decided to make him my perfect match, I was feeling very hopeful. When we got outside of the villa, the bubble that we had around us just popped.”

The British national notes that Jansen calls Chicago home despite her residence in the UK.

Veitch claims she concentrates on acting, presenting, and pursuing her aspirations as a single woman.

“I will find my perfect match one day,” she says.

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