Are Florida Georgia Line Still Together
Are Florida Georgia Line Still Together

Are Florida Georgia Line Still Together in 2022?

A breakup with the makings of a country song? Florida Georgia Line bandmates Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley have found huge success in country music, but behind the scenes, it wasn’t all peachy between them. In 2010, Hubbard and Kelley formed their band, and in 2012, their first single, “Cruise,” became a huge hit. After releasing four studio albums from 2012 to 2019, they made headlines in 2020 when Tyler and his wife, Hayley Hubbard, unfollowed his bandmate.

Since Tyler and Hayley were outspoken in their support for Kamala Harris and Brian, who is married to Brittney Kelley, was outspoken in his criticism of Joe Biden supporters, fans naturally assumed that political differences were at the root of the couple’s problems. In a joint interview on SiriusXM’s Exit 209, the two men discussed the controversy on social media.

I unfollowed BK for a few days while we were going through this political stuff, Tyler told Storme Warren. “And I called him and said, ‘Hey buddy, I love you,'” she said. And right now, I love you in person a lot more than I do in your stories. So I’m just going to, so that’s why I’m unfollowing you. Nothing personal. I can’t stop loving you. You’re still my brother.’ I just didn’t want to see it every time I opened Instagram. And so it wasn’t a huge deal.”

Tyler elaborated by saying they had previously butted heads. We’ve been to therapy together, sat together while wishing to murder each other, he remarked. On the other hand, by the time it was through, we were embracing one another. You know what I mean? Simply put, “Because we’re brothers and that’s what brothers do.” Life Rolls On, their fifth studio album, was released in 2021,

but the artists had already begun to hint at a pause the previous year, 2022, when they each began pursuing individual professions. The band is “kind of utilising these last 12 performances,” Tyler told People in February. Rather, it should be seen as an opportunity to “celebrate FGL, celebrate the fans, celebrate each other, and then support each other on the next chapter of our musical and creative journey, which is going to be independently for a while.

Therefore, we’re really happy. It was then that Brian specified that they are merely taking a break and “not going their own ways.” However, months later, he intimated that there were no intentions for the twosome to work together after concluding their summer 2022 tour. At this point, I believe we have 10 or 11 more performances scheduled for this year.

Are Florida Georgia Line Still Together
Are Florida Georgia Line Still Together

Following that, we’re going to take a hiatus, so if you want to see us, this is the year to do it,” Brian said in a radio interview in May of 2022. “I don’t know after that what the plan is. Not sure I follow you. As brothers, we have each other’s backs no matter what, and that’s the way it should be. Scroll through for a timeline of their ups and downs:


When Tyler unfollowed Brian in November 2020, their spouses got involved as Hayley also unfollowed her husband’s bandmate. Brittney, meanwhile, fanned the flames by tweeting a number of cryptic quotations via Instagram Stories, including one that read: “Real friends don’t always agree with [you] but they do respect your right to have an opinion.”

In an Instagram video later that same day, Brittney continued, “A lot of people need to check up the concept of a democracy and bipartisanship and learn that.” Following some time, Tyler came back to continue The focus of the crowd was on Brian when he was surrounded by fans


A few days after unfollow-gate made news, the duo did a joint interview in which Tyler acknowledged that they’d had “rough times” in the past. “It’s not all sugar-coated. And so the truth is, and I believe this is essential to talk about, me and BK have done the work,” he continued. Later that day, Brittney elaborated in an Instagram video, saying, “A lot of people need to check up the concept of a democracy and bipartisanship and learn that.” Tyler later re-followed Brian amid fan attention.


In June, Brian dropped a solo effort under the title Sunshine State of Mind. He told CMT, “Me and Tyler, individually, we appreciate all of the support.” This seems like the logical next step to me. The unexpectedness of this event surprised us. As a group, we can’t contain our enthusiasm. Tyler’s killing the writing game. I think he’s also working on an album. I don’t know when that’s coming out, but I can’t wait to hear that and see what it does. I suppose we’re both two unique personalities. Each of our individual endeavours is fantastic, too. I love what we do together, and it’s nice to give our fans and all the fans something different. I suppose this is a variation of that.”


In February of 2022, Tyler told People that he and his girlfriend were “taking a break” instead of breaking up. His debut solo single, titled “5 Foot 9,” was released in May of 2022.


In May of 2022, Brian said, “I don’t know after that what the plan is.” This referred to the band’s plans after their summer tour. To paraphrase, “I don’t get it. Because we are brothers, we have each other’s backs no matter what, and that’s the way it should be.


Amidst rumours of a band split, Tyler explained his desire to pursue a solo career during an appearance on The Storme Warren Show in June of that year. “In my opinion, that [free expression] is a key component. As he noted at the time, “being under the canopy of a band or brand also kind of puts you in a box to not be able to go extremely deep individually.” Since you value respect and want to comprehend that perhaps you and your bandmates aren’t all on the exact same season of life, your level of intimacy with the audience is limited. … After ten years of only getting to go so deep, I think it’s really healthy and energising that we may now go even deeper.

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