Are Gabi And Collin Still Together
Are Gabi And Collin Still Together

YouTube Star Gabi DeMartino and Collin Vogt Split After 6 Years Together: Relationship Timeline

After being together for five years, the internet celebrity and her boyfriend finally got engaged in the following months after celebrating their anniversary in July of that year. The internet celebrity captioned a set of photos at the time, “Coolest anniversary in the strangest of times.” You continue to wow me, Collin. Tonight, I really did feel like your Juliet. So far, this anniversary has been my favourite of all of them.

In the following November of 2020, on one knee, Collin asked Gabi to be his wife. A month after Us Weekly broke the news, the couple announced their engagement in a YouTube video. My whole world shifted on Thanksgiving of the year 2020. “Here’s to making it official,” Gabi captioned an Instagram post with photos of her engagement ring. I’ll never feel like I’ve spent enough time with you, not even if we’re together forever.

Niki DeMartino, the sister of the YouTube star, spoke exclusively to J-14 about Gabi’s wedding plans months after the news of her engagement became public. When asked about her role in the upcoming wedding, the singer hinted, “I’m her Maid of Honor, I’m one of three Maids of Honor, and it’s occurring next year.” This statement was made in March of the following year, 2021.

Are Gabi And Collin Still Together
Are Gabi And Collin Still Together

Months later, in June 2021, Gabi spoke exclusively with J-14 and stated that they are keeping the wedding preparation process “very quiet,” but she still raved over choosing the location, flowers, and music for the ceremony and reception. She said, “I feel like you only get that once in your life,” and added that she and Collin are growing “so much closer” because of it.

In July of 2021, the YouTube star declared on Instagram, “If there’s any chapter in our story that proves our love, it’s this one.” To have someone love, support, and comfort me as much as you do is priceless. My wildest fantasies came true when I found you, and for that I am always grateful. I hope this is the last time we celebrate an anniversary of being engaged but not married.

There may not be any juicy details about her wedding ceremony just yet, but we can all agree that these social media stars and their families are major inspiration. Relive the beginning of Gabi and Collin’s love story as a way to honour their marriage. Browse through the images below to see how long Collin and Gabi have been together.

February 2017

The influencer captioned a sweet Valentine’s Day image with the sentiment, “I never knew, I never knew, you could have moonlight in your hands ’til the night I held you.”


December 2018

Gabi sprung a huge prank on her lover. During the holiday season, she surprised Collin with the car of his dreams.

January 2019

For their first major investment as a couple, the couple purchased a home.

July 2019

Gabi posted a moving Instagram on the occasion of their fourth wedding anniversary. On this day four years ago, I first laid eyes on you and I knew right away that our relationship was going to take off. She commented, “Didn’t imagine it would begin that very day and take us to where we are now.” This past four years have been the happiest of my life. I look forward to sharing many more stories, experiences, and years of life with you.

February 2020

Both Gabi and Collin indicated they planned to get married “very quickly” when asked about their relationship for a YouTube video.

February 2021

Collin marked his one year as Gabi’s fiancé with a birthday party. To my future spouse, soul partner, and other half: Happy birthday! When it was your fiancé’s first birthday, the singer posted on Instagram, “I had to show off my wifey talents.” Let there be Renaissance feasts in perpetuity! I’m really grateful that you were brought into this world, since otherwise I’d be all by myself in my nerdiness. .

May 2022

Splitsville! On May 9, 2022, Gabi announced on her Instagram Story that she and her fiance had called off their engagement and ended their six-year relationship. It’s been like this since the winter, but I’m not getting married anymore, she wrote. “I’m OK, I’m editing a vlog right now, and I can’t wait to chat with you later! Along with a link to her most recent vlog, she said, “loving you and wishing you everyone a fantastic monday / week.”

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