Are Jessie And Will Still Together
Are Jessie And Will Still Together

Are Jessie And Will Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Love Island watchers have wondered if Will Young and Jessie Wynter are still together since they emerged as a couple on the program. By reading the information in the following paragraphs, you may learn whether Will Young and Jessie Wynter are still together.

Are Jessie and Will Still Together?

Farmer Will Young of Love Island recently shared photos of himself and Jessie Wynter at their Buckinghamshire ancestral farm. The couple failed to make it to the Love Island UK 2023 final, so they left South Africa on Monday for London.

They arrived, took a photo before Buckingham Palace, and then proceeded to Will’s family farm to see the lambs. The couple had a great connection to the show from the beginning, and their love is still going strong even though they were expelled from the villa just before the finale.

The two spending time together and visiting Will’s family farm is hopeful. The pictures of them surrounded by cute lambs make their narrative much more touching.

Despite not making it to the Love Island grand finale, Will and Jessie seem to have found something more critical: a genuine connection.

Are Jessie And Will Still Together

Contestants Jessie Wynter and Will Young from Love Island UK 2023 recently took Jessie to see Will’s family farm in Buckinghamshire.

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After narrowly missing out on a place in the competition’s conclusion, they went back to London. They celebrated their journey together by taking a picture in front of Buckingham Palace before heading to the family estate.

The couple shared a picture of themselves cradling two lambs and cuddling in one of Will’s fields with their fans on Instagram. They expressed gratitude for their journey and offered advice for the road ahead.

They are getting ready to live together and have declared themselves boyfriend and girlfriend in the villa. Jessie wanted to see Will’s farm before they began looking for apartments in London.

Their Instagram post illustrated the strong friendship they had developed within and outside the event. Their Love Island UK 2023 journey has resulted in a charming and potential union.

Where Are Love Island’s Will Young and Jessie Wynter Now?

In the 2023 season, the pair came in fifth place. They were removed just before the Love Island final. Yet it didn’t matter to this happy pair because they knew they had found their ideal partner in one another.

After they left the villa, where they had been spending a lot of time, Will had been educating Jessie about country living on his farm.

In a quick Instagram Q&A, they revealed their plans, which included moving to London for a while before returning to Australia so Jessie could see her friends and family.

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