Arnold Contreras
Arnold Contreras

“Arnold Contreras”, What Happen With His Father “Gabriel Fernandez”?

Where did Gabriel Fernandez’s father, Arnold Contreras, end up? — Arnold Contreras was unable to save his eight-year-old son Gabriel Fernandez. When the young boy was battered and tortured to death by his mother, Pearl Fernandez, and her partner, Isaura Aguirre, Contreras was in prison.

According to the new Netflix doc-series “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez,” which documents both the horrific crime that claimed Gabriel’s life and the legal system’s failures to protect him, he only learned that his young son was being taken off life support when told by a chaplain while in custody at the Riverside County Jail.

Because of the severity with which Gabriel Fernandez was slain, his death astounded everyone. The Netflix docuseries ‘The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez’ examines the tragedy and the institutional flaws that allowed the torture to continue until the eight-year-old died tragically.

The program focuses on the atrocities done by Pearl Fernandez and her partner, Isauro Aguirre. Gabriel’s biological father, on the other hand, is not Isauro.

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Arnold Contreras is his father. You might be wondering where Contreras is now, given that he played a significant part in the trial that followed Gabriel’s death. We’ve got you covered in that regard.

Arnold Contreras
Arnold Contreras

Arnold Contreras Biography

Arnold Contreras testified during Isauro’s sentencing hearing. Renaldo Jose Contreras, the deceased son’s father, talked affectionately of his son, saying that Pearl had never liked him and that it was his understanding that Gabriel would be reared by his maternal grandparents.

Contreras was spending time in the Riverside County jail at the time of Gabriel’s death in 2013. Arnold was also one of the plaintiffs in a wrongful death suit against the public school district, Pearl and Isauro, and three other county departments, saying that the violence of Gabriel’s death made it difficult for him to sleep.

Who Was The Father Of Arnold Contreras?

Arnold Contreras is Fernandez’s biological father. He had been in and out of prison for years, and when Fernandez died, he was serving time for robbery and possession. Contreras only learned of the heinous torture after it was too late.

“I was in Riverside County jail when the chaplain pulled me out and told me [Gabriel] was on life support and they were going to take him off the next day,” he recalled in November 2017 during Aguirre’s trial.

What Happen With Arnold Contreras’s Father?

When his eight-year-old son Gabriel Fernandez was viciously abused, Arnold Contreras was in prison.

Contreras was in prison when the small boy was battered and tortured to death by his mother Pearl Fernandez and her partner Isauro Aguirre.

According to the new Netflix doc-series The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, he only heard that his small kid was being taken off life support when he was told by a chaplain while in detention at the Riverside County Jail.

The series chronicles both the heinous act that claimed Gabriel’s life and the court system’s failure to safeguard the young kid.

What happened to Arnold Contreras?

Arnold Contreras appeared to be trying to move on with his life. On his Facebook page, he has a lot of pictures of Gabriel, who is always smiling. The father is still grieving over his son’s loss. According to his profile, he lives in Pacoima, California.

Arnold Contreras
Arnold Contreras

Contreras’ extensive career in law enforcement had made him wary of the legal system when it came to seeking justice for his young son, who was killed in May 2013.

He reached out to Hatami after being released on parole in 2016, and the two men were able to build a bond.

Contreras testified that his little son was a “normal kid” who liked to play “cops and robbers” games.

According to KABC, he noted at the time, “He was always smiling.”

According to local station KNBC, he told jurors throughout the trial that he still has sleepless nights and is upset about Gabriel’s death.

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During his testimony, Contreras never looked Aguirre in the eyes.

“I don’t think I’d be as powerful as him,” Hatami remarked in the doc-series. “In that courtroom, I wouldn’t have been able to sit.” I couldn’t do it because it would lead to an attack.”

Hatami ran into Contreras in the courtroom after Aguirre was found guilty of murder and torture in 2018, and the two men hugged while Hatami sobbed.

Where Is Arnold Contreras Now?

In the doc-series, Hatami commented, “I was thrilled for Arnold.” “He was in such a bad mood because of what had happened to Gabriel.”

Arnold Contreras
Arnold Contreras

Not just because of what happened to Gabriel, but also because of everything that happened to him, he felt terrible and didn’t believe in the system. And, you know, the system hasn’t been nice to a lot of folks who have been in custody.”

Hatami told that he still communicates with Gabriel’s siblings, cousins, uncles, and other relatives, as well as Contreras.

Aguirre was convicted of capital murder and is currently serving his term at San Quentin State Prison. Pearl Fernandez was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to first-degree murder.

Final Lines

On his Facebook page, Arnold Contreras has photos of Gabriel and his other children hanging around and enjoying each other’s company. Gabriel is portrayed in every photo with a big smile on his face and a joyful demeanor.

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