Cam and Emily Break Up
Cam and Emily Break Up

Why Did Cam and Emily Break Up? But People Still Think They Belong Together!

It’s been a hectic few days for Too Hot To Handle fans. Last week, it was revealed that season two favorites Emily Miller and Cam Holmes had broken up, which shattered hearts worldwide. Those two were our only hope for finding love on the Netflix show.

However, the plot has thickened since then. People are confident they are still together and cannot hurt our hearts this way, even though their social media accounts tell a completely different narrative. On Cam’s, it appears they are still together, but on Emily’s, it seems they are no longer together. What is going on?! I require responses!! Here’s a rundown of everything that’s happened.

Why Did Cam and Emily Break Up?

According to reports, our favorite Too Hot To Handle couple split up last week. According to rumors, they ended their relationship after Emily discovered Cam cheating on her. Emily was on a trip to Thailand when she returned to locate him in bed with another lady. After meeting on the show, moving in together, and celebrating their first anniversary, their relationship appeared finished.

Cam and Emily Break Up
Cam and Emily Break Up

“We are surprised by Cam’s behavior,” a source told the Daily Mail. We honestly assumed he wouldn’t cheat on Emily, but their relationship has been up and down and highly stressful due to the public pressure and shows nature. We suspected Cam was cheating on Emily but decided not to confront him because we were his pals and believed it would be awkward. However, if you are foolish enough to cheat on your partner, you should admit it and apologize. Cam’s actions will make many supporters unhappy, and we can only hope he learns from this.”

But Neither of Them Said Anything, and They’ve Kept Pictures of Each Other on Social Media

Following the claims, neither Cam nor Emily commented on their supposed “break,” Cam posted a video promoting Malibu that featured Emily and suggested the two needed an engagement ring. They were still leaving comments on each other’s posts. Okay, okay? Then Cam posted a tearful video on Emily’s birthday, leading people to believe the split was a fake.

Cam then appeared to confirm that all the split allegations were false when he shared a super-soppy video for Emily’s birthday this weekend. Over a collage of their images and videos together.

Emily does not appear to have reacted to the video, but other Too Hot To Handle performers did, including Harry from the most recent season, who said, “Brb weeping.” “Please don’t ever think about breaking up…You’re End Game”, “Hope you will stay together 4 Eva,” and “Best pair ever” were among the comments made by fans.

Emily Posted a Tiktok Saying She’s Single

However, Emily appears to have confirmed the divorce by recording a TikTok in which she refers to herself as “single af.” She captioned the video, “me realizing I’m single AF,” then switched to her dancing and the caption, “me realizing it’s gonna be a hot girl summer.” “Omg,” said Harry Jowsey from season one of the show, and others can’t believe it’s true.

Now Some Random Guy on Tiktok is Claiming He’s the Reason Emily and Cam Split Up

Take this with a grain of salt, but some unknown individual has posted a video claiming to be the “cause Emily and Cam parted up.” He’s released screenshots of him talking to Cam about Emily “coming onto him” and Cam saying he “appreciates” him revealing the “facts.” The video has already received over a million views, so it’s possible that it’s just for clout.


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But People Still Think They Are Together!

Despite Emily’s video and all the rumors, many people believe she and Cam are still together. Commenters on the video remark it “can’t be true” because they still follow each other and keep their old postings together. People believe that if Cam cheated on Emily – or vice versa – and they divorced, they would have deleted all evidence of each other from Instagram and posted to explain what happened.

Emily and Cam tweeted photos of twin cuisine from the same Mayfair restaurant last night, just hours apart. But neither of them tagged the other in their narrative post.

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