Cash App Founder Bob Lee Stabbed To Death In San Francisco
Cash App Founder Bob Lee Stabbed To Death In San Francisco

Cash App Founder Bob Lee Stabbed To Death In San Francisco!

A fatal stabbing occurred in San Francisco on Tuesday, according to authorities. Bob Lee was the creator of the money-transfer startup Cash App and the chief product officer of the cryptocurrency company MobileCoin Inc.

Mr. Lee, 43, was stabbed at about 2:35 a.m. on Tuesday, according to the San Francisco Police Department, and later passed away in a hospital.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said the killing was a “horrific crime.”

“I want to assure everyone that our investigators are working tirelessly to make an arrest and bring justice to Mr. Lee,” Mr. Scott said.

In a Facebook post, Mr. Lee’s father, Rick Lee, said he and his son had been living in Miami since October after moving from California. It couldn’t be determined why Mr. Lee was back in San Francisco.

“Bob would give you the shirt off his back,” his father said. “He would never look down on anyone and adhered to a strict no-judgment philosophy.”

In response to a request for a remark, Mr. Lee’s father remained silent.

Cash App Founder Bob Lee Stabbed To Death In San Francisco

Mr. Lee had worked on some of Silicon Valley’s most well-known technologies and served as MobileCoin’s chief product officer since 2021.

“He was a child of dreams, and whatever he imagined, no matter how crazy, he made real,” Joshua Goldbard, MobileCoin’s founder and chief executive, said Wednesday.

In a tweet, Wednesday, Brooke Jenkins, San Francisco’s district attorney said that she extended her condolences to Mr. Lee’s family.

“We do not tolerate these horrific acts of violence in San Francisco,” she said.

Compared to many other major cities, San Francisco has a lower murder rate. Nonetheless, during the epidemic, homicide rates increased there, and property crime has long been a problem in the city. There are tight gun laws in the city.

According to his LinkedIn page, Mr. Lee developed a career as an executive and angel investor in Silicon Valley.

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He mentioned his investments in businesses like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Figma, a collaborative software company that Adobe Corp. agreed to buy for $20 billion last year.

Dylan Field, Figma’s chief executive, said on Twitter Wednesday, “I first met him in summer 2006—he didn’t care that I was only 14 and we talked tech / geeked out about programming.”

According to MobileCoin, Mr. Lee worked on mobile products. According to the business, he assisted the World Health Organization create a mobile app.

“He was made for the world that is being born right now,” Mr. Goldbard said.

According to Mr. Goldbard and his LinkedIn page, Mr. Lee developed Cash App while serving as Square Inc.’s first chief technology officer from 2010 to 2014.

He also worked there from that position until that time. Since then, Cash App has become popular among users wishing to send money, purchase cryptocurrencies, or trade equities.

Block Inc., or Square as it is currently known, owns Cash App. About a year before Square, which creates mobile credit-card scanners, went public, Mr. Lee departed the firm.

According to his LinkedIn page and Mr. Goldbard, Mr. Lee formerly worked at Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., where he contributed to creating the Android mobile operating system, a common feature in smartphones.

Requests for comment from Google and Block were not answered.

“This may sound impressive, but Bob’s real resume is the hearts and minds he touched in his time on Earth,” Mr. Goldbard said.

Mr. Goldbard said Mr. Lee initially joined MobileCoin as an early-stage investor and advisor. Afterward, he assisted the business in creating an encrypted mobile wallet.

He went under the Twitter moniker “crazybob.”

On Facebook, Mr. Lee’s father said that the pair had grown close after Mr. Lee’s mother died in 2019.

“Life has been an adventure with two bachelors living together, and I’m so happy that we were able to become so close these last years,” Mr. Lee’s father said.

Tim Oliver Lee posted on Facebook Wednesday that he was sad to lose his brother.

“He really was the best of us,” Mr. Lee wrote. “I was so fortunate to grow up with him, and I feel like I’ve lost part of myself.”

According to Mr. Goldbard and Mr. Lee’s father, Bob Lee is survived by his children and father.

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