Chanel West Coast Weight Gain
Chanel West Coast Weight Gain

How Does Chanel West Coast Gain Weight? She Revealed Baby Gender After Her Pregnancy Announcement!

The internet has rumors that Chelsea West Coast has put on weight. She is a mother with her boyfriend, model Dom Fenison, for the first time.

Parents-to-be Given that this is Chanel West Coast’s first pregnancy, she is overjoyed. She posted eye-catching photos to Instagram showing her growing baby belly alongside her boyfriend, Dom Fenison.

During the photo shoot, Dom Fenison, Chanel’s handsome partner, poses shirtless to display his abs. Fans can’t help themselves and flood social media with remarks.

The excellent news overjoys Chanel; she cannot wait to welcome the newborn daughter into her family.

Ridiculousness star Chanel announced the baby’s gender on June 20, 2022. Becoming a parent is not an easy task. The 33-year-old Chelsea thinks that sometimes the difficult paths have the best outcomes.

Chelsea Chanel Dudley, better known as Chanel (born September 1, 1988), is a well-known rapper and singer. She is also the world’s favorite TV personality.

How Does Chanel West Coast Gain Weight?

Since recently sharing her first pregnancy news, popular TV personality Chanel West Coast has gained weight. Following hearing the news, everyone is overjoyed.

Fans sent healthy wishes to the soon-to-be mother. Many began speculating that her newborn girl would be incredibly adorable.

Chanel West Coast Weight Gain

According to the Blast, Chanel flattered her slim body after losing weight during the pandemic. You can check out her IG feeds to see her workout videos and the results after the exercise during the pandemic. 

Nonetheless, Chanel’s slim body days of workouts in tiny monogrammed shorts grabbed many eyeballs, a coordinating bag, and a cute hat. She looked like a bomb in the photo.

MTV’s Star Chanel West Coast Revealed Baby Gender After Her Pregnancy Announcement

In June 2022, Chanel West Coast made her pregnancy and impending birth public. The 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards occurred just before Chelsea and Dom discovered they were expecting: UNSCRIPTED. The MTV celebrity mama proudly held up her baby bump while posing on the red carpet, according to MTV.

On June 20, 2022, the couple learned the baby’s gender and were ecstatic. Is it a girl or a boy? It’s a girl, I guess.

You can watch the video on the gender-revealing day at the given link. She captioned the post, “we’re having a baby girl. With a kiss emoji, she expressed her immense love for her boyfriend, Dom Fenison. 

The baby will be in their hand very soon—their supporter, Chanel, congratulates her via Instagram and Facebook.

Chanel West Coast Is Pregnant With Her Boyfriend, Dom Fenison!

Dom Fenison has been Chanel West Coast’s adoring and attractive boyfriend for a long time. Eonline said Chelsea raved about her boyfriend, praising his empathy and wit.

Chelsea claims Dom is the most intelligent, refined, and all-around human she has ever met. Dudley genuinely believes that God has blessed her. That is how extraordinary he is.

Initially, just friends, their friendship quickly developed into a romantic partnership. A well-known model, Dom has appeared in ads for companies including Armani, Givenchy, and Men’s Wearhouse.

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