Clare Bradburn Husband
Clare Bradburn Husband

Who Is Clare Bradburn Husband? Where Is She Now?

The terrible deaths of Clare Bradburn’s sons, Jason and Joby, in 1986, and their stepfather’s subsequent trial and imprisonment, Ed Graf, significantly influenced her life.

Clare had long held the opinion that Graf was innocent and had been wrongly imprisoned. Clare’s faith was shaken, and she felt deceived when Graf confessed to the crime in 2014.

She had to deal with the fact that she had inadvertently cohabited for years with a murderer and had even publicly defended him.

Clare still battles with the emotional scars left by the agony of losing her sons and the shock of discovering Graf’s true identity.

Who Is Clare Bradburn’s Husband?

Ed Graf, who later became Clare Bradburn’s second husband, was her first husband.

Following Clare’s divorce from her first spouse, they connected on their shared experiences as single parents. They met during a trying time in Clare’s life.

But, their relationship deteriorated when Ed’s treatment of Clare’s sons, Jason and Joby, grew more cruel and unjust.

Clare Bradburn Husband

Ed was held accountable for her sons’ terrible murder after they perished in a fire at their Hewitt, Texas, home.

Clare had publicly defended Ed for years because she believed in his innocence, but when he confessed in 2014, it destroyed her faith and made her feel betrayed.

The story serves as a reminder of the significance of seeking support and justice in these situations and emphasizes the destructive effects of domestic violence and child abuse on families.

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Where Is Clare Bradburn Now?

Now residing in Carrollton, Texas, Clare Bradburn is a retired educator.

She gained notoriety from the terrible deaths of her two sons, Joby and Jason, who perished in a fire at their Hewitt, Texas, home in 1986.

After a protracted legal struggle, their stepfather, Ed Graf, was found guilty of their murders.

Clare experienced a trying period following the tragedy as she struggled to accept the death of her sons and her husband’s betrayal.

She eventually mustered the will to start over and rebuild her life, though. Jacob Bradburn, who had previously been Edward E. Graf III, was the name of her son from a later marriage.

Clare has found peace and closure in her retirement years, even though the agony of losing her sons will never honestly go away.

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