What Is Curt Sandoval Age
What Is Curt Sandoval Age

What Is Curt Sandoval’s Age? Who Is His Wife?

Curt Sandoval: As a weekend sports anchor and reporter for KABC-TV, Curt Sandoval has become a household name in the Los Angeles area. His wife, Jeanne Zelasko, is also a journalist; he started as a sports anchor/reporter for 7NEWS. Curt Sandoval Age

He shows no signs of slowing down or giving up at this point. In addition to his successful professional career, his personal life is intriguing. Questions about his personal life, including his marriage to Jeanne Zelasko, remain unanswered. Exactly when did they tie the knot? Have they got any kids together? So, strap in because we’re going on a ride to learn about Curt Sandoval’s life.

What Is Curt Sandoval’s Age?

On May 1st, 1964, in Santa Clarita, California, he entered this world as Curtis J. Sandoval. As of 2022, Curt Sandoval Age will have turned 58 years old. Irv Sandoval, a former football coach and athletic director, and his late wife had three boys, of whom he is the youngest. After a long battle with cancer, Curt’s mother passed away a few years ago.

His father had already moved on to another wife by the time she passed. His two brothers, Chris and Kevin Sandoval, and his sister, Kim Phillips, make up his sibling group. He and his family are devout Christians who often attended Mass at a local Catholic church.

The reporter went to high school at the University of Westminster (1980–1982), earning a BA in Sports Communication from the Metropolitan State University of Denver before starting a career in sports broadcasting (1983-1987).

What Is Curt Sandoval’s Net Worth?

He has been a sports anchor/reporter for over 31 years, and his current net worth is believed to be $5 million. The same is true of his wife, Jeanne Zelasko, who is also rumored to be worth around $3 million. In addition to their home in New York, they own couple of condos in Colorado and Florida.

How Did Curt Sandoval Start His Career?

He is a sports anchor and reporter for KABC-TV on the weekends (1999-present). The seven-time Emmy winner had to try out a few different fields before finding a home at KABC-TV, even though he had attended Metropolitan State College of Denver. From 1990 until 1995, he was 7NEWS, Colorado’s sports anchor and reporter.

Curt Sandoval Age
Curt Sandoval Age

Between 1995 and 1999, he was a news anchor and reporter for KUSI TV in San Diego. Curt’s tenure at KABC-TV was marked by numerous achievements and recognitions, including seven Emmy Awards.

When Did He Suffer From A Throat Cancer?

Sandoval beat cancer and is still here to share his story. In 2014, on the night of Halloween, he received the devastating news that he had cancer. He documented his cancer diagnosis using social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. Around the end of 2015, after he had been dealing with Lymphoma for a while, he posted a status update on Facebook to give us an update.

Curt also disclosed that his father had endured two bouts of cancer and had lost his mother to the disease. Unfortunately, in December of 2007, his wife was also diagnosed with cancer.

Who Is Curt Sandoval’s Wife?

Former anchor, reporter, and sportscaster Jeanne Zelasko was born on October 26, 1966, in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Like her spouse, Zelasko has spent much time researching and writing about this topic. She’s been a journalist for quite some time now. After graduating from college, Curt’s wife began her professional life as a radio talk show presenter on KCEO and a metro traffic reporter.

When she began anchoring the weekend newscasts at “KDCI-TV” in 1993, however, her professional career as an anchor/reporter took off. Since then, she has worked as an anchor, reporter, and sportscaster for a variety of media outlets, including Fox Sports (1996-2010), Junior Dodger Host (2009-2010), The Beast 980 (2014-2016), CIS communications (2003-2016), and Fox Sports Net (where she is presently employed) as Prime- Ticket.

Are Curt Sandoval And Jeanne Zelasko Still In A Relationship?

After dating for a while, the couple finally tied the knot on June 13, 1998. They had a chance to meet on the job in sunny San Diego. The couple’s children are Trevor Sandoval, a son, and Isabela Sandoval, a daughter.

Currently, they’re residing in Los Angeles, California, USA. Isabela, their daughter, is a gymnast who has won several competitions and titles, including three National Championships in as many years in Orlando, Florida. And yet, their son Trevor is a goaltender for the collegiate ice hockey team he attends.

After his senior year of high school, he was recognized as the Foothill League’s Defensive Player of the Year in lacrosse. Trevor is competitive with his father on the bicycle. Curt’s obsession with starting a gym in the summer of 2015 caused him and his family a great deal of stress and almost led to a divorce, even though they had a fantastic marriage.

However, after learning about tithing, his outlook shifted, and he ultimately underwent a physical and mental transformation. The difficulties in his family life were resolved after he made a spiritual connection with God.

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