Daidus and Emirichu
Daidus and Emirichu

Are Daidus and Emirichu Dating? Know About Relationsahip Status!

Famous YouTube video producers Daidus and Emirichu are known for publishing engrossing animated stories. If Emirichu and Daidus are still dating, followers are curious. On social media, the two anime creators have a sizable following, and their followers are interested to know more about their relationship. If you’re one of them, keep reading to find out the response to the query, “Are Emirichu and I still dating?”

Who Are Emirichu And Daidus?

Emirichu and Daidus produce YouTube videos. The fantastic anime characters that they design are well-known on their YouTube accounts. They have a broad group of fans and supporters. They add distinctive anime characters to their creations. It sets apart their works from other anime productions. They are both people who take great pleasure in their jobs and personal lives. They gained a massive following by showcasing their talent and originality.

Daidus And Emirichu Dating? Details To Know About The Twitch Stars

On October 10th, 2019, Daidus and Emirichu started dating, but they kept it a secret for several months. Emirichu explained the illustration showing them kissing and professing their utter affection to Daidus on April 1st, 2020.

Many people are unsure if she meant it as a joke or an actual declaration of their relationship since she posted that tweet on April 1. Emirichu admitted their relationship and made it clear that the 1 April tweet was not a prank in a later interview with Shystarfall.

Emirichu and Daidus posted a video on Valentine’s Day in 2021 in which they sang a love song to one another to show their affection. She wrote a hilarious message on Facebook on the couple’s second wedding anniversary, calling their union “stupid and dumber.”

Emirichu Confirmed That She Was Relationship With Daidus

Emirichu and Daidus In October 2019, they started dating, but they kept it a secret. Emirichu, on the other hand, released an animation on April 1, 2020, April Fool’s Day, showing her kissing a daidus. They were connected, but everyone assumed she was joking because she posted it on April 1st. She later admitted they were dating, though. They also released their self-anime characters on Valentine’s Day in 2022, declaring that they are ignorant and even dumber about the love dynamic. Since there were speculations about their breakup in 2022, it is uncertain if they are dating or not.

Daidus and Emirichu
Daidus and Emirichu

After that, there weren’t many connections between the two; fans instead failed to notice. Their supporters, however, are delighted that their ship is becoming a reality thanks to a YouTube video that has gone viral among them. Despite this, some are surprised that people did not realize they were dating, given that the video was posted in August.

She verified her relationship status with Daidus by saying, “Anyway, we are dating,” while discussing the post mentioned above on a Twitch live stream with Hugo of The Artful, alias ShyStarfall. The host was likewise shocked by it. We now know that to be aware of these things, we should occasionally check Twitch.

Who is Emirichu?

Emirichu was born in New York City to parents of South Korean descent. Her parents are second-generation immigrants who left South Korea in the 1980s and came to live in the United States. The family routinely went to church because her father was a pastor. John (often known as “Sim”), who is 11 years older than she is, and Josh are her two elder brothers. John then moved to South Korea, married, and had two kids. Later, her parents joined her in coming home.

When she was 15, the family moved to California, where she finished high school. Throughout her entire upbringing, she grappled with her Korean identity. She started making manga and developed an interest in anime at this time. Her anime-like artwork was influenced by this.

Later, while working part-time as a youth development instructor and summer camp counselor, she attended college to pursue a career in teaching. Near the end of her undergraduate studies, she realized teaching was not her true calling.

Who is Daidus?

Asian-American storytime animator, cartoonist, comedian, and voice actor Daidus (born May 23, 1998; age 24) is known for his work on YouTube. His pieces stand out for their cartoon and anime-inspired imagery.


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Daidus got his start in the industry there. Later, in 2015, he would create his channel, albeit no films were made available to the public until 2016. Japanese animation has a significant influence on his animated films. Like Sen and the Fat Guy, he also draws with a squid motif in a primarily cartoon-like manner.

Is Daidus Dating Someone?

Emirichu, a friend and fellow animator who works with Daidus, is said to be dating someone. The information was revealed by Emirichu during a Twitch broadcast. However, the well-known artist hasn’t formally attested to the connection.

Aside from that, Daidus had formerly been romantically involved. Sadly, the couple eventually broke up. He has decided not to share any specifics about it. Hopefully, the musician will interact more frequently with his devoted and awe-inspiring audience.

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