Did Jentzen And Elliana Break Up
Did Jentzen And Elliana Break Up

Did Jentzen And Elliana Break Up? Where Are They Now?

Elliana Walmsley: YouTuber and social media star Elliana Walmsley is most recognized for her role in Dance Moms. She has two elder brothers and was born in Boulder, Colorado. She began dance training at the Joffrey Ballet School when she was 18. She even entered the KAR dance competition in LA and studied ballet there. In 2016, Elliana became a member of Dance Moms. Did Jentzen And Elliana Break Up?

Who Is Jentzen Ramirez?

Former child actor Jentzen Ramirez is now a popular YouTuber and social media sensation. Although he has a significant online following thanks to his roles in blockbuster films like Star Wars: The Next Generation and The Lurking Man, he is best known for the challenge videos he regularly uploads to YouTube with his friends and fiancée. He has a black belt in karate and regularly posts videos of his antics on YouTube.

Where Are Jentzen And Elliana Now?

Before October last year, Jentzen made a YouTube video introducing Elliana as his girlfriend. A video titled “Introducing My NEW GIRLFRIEND To My BEST FRIENDS**SECRET REVEAL**” was uploaded. He surprised his buddies by revealing the news via a live YouTube broadcast. Since then, they’ve done several movies together, such as “living together for a day” and “getting married for a day.”

Aside from pretending to propose to her in one “prank” video, he has also been cruel to her mother in another. Just over a year passed throughout their relationship. See the video of the couple’s declaration of love below:

Are Jentzen And Elliana Still Together?

Jentzen And Elliana
Did Jentzen And Elliana Break Up?

The pair has broken up. They split up in November of 2021. A YouTube video titled “We Broke Up…” served as the couple’s official breakup announcement. They said the breakup was excruciating because they’d been together for so long. They promised their fans that they would keep working together on future projects.

Their relationship had become toxic, and they knew it was time to end it. A video entitled “I Spent 24 Hours Buried Alive With My Ex GIRLFRIEND |Jentzen Ramirez” was uploaded after the event.

Did Jentzen And Elliana Break Up?

They have not said who broke up with who, but Elliana Walmsley and Jentzen Ramirez did end their relationship. In the description of his most recent video, Jentzen revealed the reason for their breakup: “Hey people, it’s Jentzen Ramirez. The video I’m filming today is among the most challenging I’ve ever made. This is not an attempt to lure readers in with false hope.

In this video, Elliana and I discuss our breakup and how we each feel about the situation. For the past year, Elliana has played a significant role in my life, and I am eternally thankful. I’ve learned a lot from Elliana, but the essential thing is how to love someone truly.

Our friendship will continue even though our romantic relationship has ended. Jentzen will continue to exist, and Elliana, I want to thank you for being such a lovely person in my life. Know that I always will. Watch as we break out our emotions and the current situation.

Jentzen mentioned in the video that Elliana had consented to his request that they maintain their best friend status. They may cross paths again in the future. Thus, the door is left open for a possible romance in the future, but for now, it’s not the appropriate time. Jentzen mentioned struggling to balance his personal life with other commitments, including his family, friends, YouTube, and academics.

They both understood the relationship wasn’t healthy, Elliana stated in the video, and her mental health wasn’t excellent right now, both of which Jentzen echoed. Then Jentzen went on and on about how wonderful Elliana is, reminiscing about the good times they’ve shared and even including a romance montage.

The young age of the exes and the difficulty of dealing with a breakup in the spotlight were also discussed. It was tough to tell their followers, but they felt it was only fair, given how open they are about online love.

When Did Jentzen And Elliana Started Courting?

In October last year, Jentzen began dating Elliana after she posed as his girlfriend in a YouTube video. The video’s title introduces My New Girlfriend To My Best Friends**SECRET REVEAL**.

He bragged about her to his friends and posted a YouTube video announcing the award. Since then, the pair has created a string of films in which they appear as a married couple, spending a day together in each other’s homes and getting married. He has played several practical jokes on her, including pretending to propose in one film and torturing her mother in another.

Approximately a year had passed since they’d begun dating. His ex-girlfriend Sophie Fergi wasn’t sure how she felt about the link when she discovered it, but she thought it was too soon after they had met.

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