Disney Speedstorm: The Free Arcade Racer Will Release Soon On PC and Consoles

Disney Speedstorm: The Free Arcade Racer Will Release Soon On PC and Consoles

A Pixar and Disney racing game is currently in development and features several fan-favourite characters for its viewers. Disney Speedstorm is essentially a free-to-play, cross-platform arcade racing game where you will be engaged in battle with other players on tracks inspired by Disney and Pixar films.

This is a hero-based combat racing game featuring iconic Disney and Pixar heroes and villains. They have been reimagined as high-speed road warriors, with racetracks inspired by their respective unique worlds. An outstanding lineup of racers will include Captain Jack Sparrow, Mulan, The beast, Mickey Mouse, Sulley, and more, suited up and revving up for the racing action.

As a player, you will need to boost each racer’s stats and make the most of their unique skills, which can impact the outcome of a single race and dramatically change the way you play your game.

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Disney Speedstorm Release Date

Disney Speedstorm is now scheduled to launch free-to-play on PC and consoles (Nintendo Switch and others) in 2022.

Disney Speedstorm: The Free Arcade Racer Will Release Soon On PC and Consoles

Disney Speedstorm Gameplay

Players will speed through action-packed tracks solo or challenge friends in local and remote multiplayer modes available in the game, with Disney Speedstorm supporting cross-platform play. To add to this, the action never slows down thanks to fresh content always being released around the corner. New Disney and Pixar racers will be added frequently, and unique tracks will be released often to pump new strategies into the mix. More details of the game will be announced closer to launch.

Captain Jack Sparrow, the Pirates of the Caribbean protagonist, is shown during the initial gameplay footage alongside Mickey Mouse. Each features their unique ability, so Mickey is quick, while Sulley from Monsters, Inc. has powerful weapons and Mulan ‘explosive manoeuvres’.

You will drive around these tracks against rivals, collecting power-ups and utilizing ‘powerful ultimate skills,’ which remind us of the blue shell in Mario Kart.

Locations disclosed include Pirates of the Caribbean’s Pirates Island track and The Jungle Book’s Jungle Ruins map.

Disney Speedstorm System requirements for PC

Disney Speedstorm was announced during a Nintendo Switch-focused event, and it has been confirmed that the game will be released for ‘PC and consoles, so the cross-platform element of the multiplayer starts to make more sense.

We don’t think, then, that it’s too unreasonable to expect Switch and Xbox versions, like Asphalt 9: Legends is, on these platforms, and we hope a PlayStation launch is also on the cards. However, the specifics of the game are not available yet.

Disney Speedstorm Characters

Each racer will possess unique abilities that allow them to choose characters based on racing preference, alongside their own biases for certain characters. Apart from Mickey Mouse, different personalities mentioned as part of the roster of racers include Sully from Monsters Inc., Mulan, Donald Duck, and will grow as the game gets closer to its release in Summer 2022.

Disney Speedstorm Trailer

Recently, a new trailer was released through Nintendo Direct, which showcases the characters involved in a themed racing game.

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To be true to the trailer, the game looks quite promising. In terms of graphics, it looks crisp and colourful, and it is apparent that Gameloft took its time working on the design. The race tracks look like Crash Team Racing inspires them, and Mario Kart added that Disney twist. Additionally, Gameloft took a page out of Beenox’s playbook by releasing new characters and karts through several seasons. Disney Speedstorm looks to be a deserving contender against Crash and Mario. Not to mention, the game is free-to-play, which makes things even more pleasing for Disney Speedstorm.

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