Do keeley and roy Break Up
Do keeley and roy Break Up

Does Roy and Keeley break up?

Ted Lasso Season 2’s “Inverting the Pyramid of Success” provided the full package. We have Jeremy Swift’s Higgins cuddling a litter of pups and Toheeb Jimoh’s Sam rejecting Sam Richardson’s Edwin Akufo, a billionaire. The final straw for Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), who eventually joined the Diamond Dogs, was when Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) apologised to him for telling Keeley (Juno Temple) about his feelings. Trentt Crimm (James Lance) went completely solo,

AFC Richmond gained promotion to the Premier League, and Dani Rojas (Cristo Fernandez) finally overcame his case of the yips. And when Nate (Nick Mohammed) was confronted by Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) about his treason, Nate finally lost it. People, Nate has gone completely bad. Clearly, a lot went down in the Season 2 finale of Ted Lasso, and it wasn’t all awful!

There were many of us, including yourself, who found it difficult to “BELIEVE” that things would work out for the best after the devastating events of last week’s show. Despite the fact that not everything ended well for our favourite AFC Richmond football players, club owners, soccer coaches, and up-and-coming PR pros, Season 2 of Ted Lasso was not the tragedy many of us had feared it would be.

What did you like, dislike, and have questions about after watching the season two conclusion of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+? The good, the bad, and the “holy shit what’s going to happen to Roy and Keeley” of it all, from Nate’s full heel turn to Richmond’s beautiful new greyhound mascot…

Do keeley and roy Break Up
Do keeley and roy Break Up

The Good in the Ted Lasso Season 2 Finale: Puppies, Wins, and Growth

First things first: I don’t think anyone could look at that photo of Leslie Higgins holding Macy Greyhound and Tina Feyhound and not feel the warmth of a summer’s day radiating into their soul. The answer to the question of whether or not Ted Lasso this week featured puppies is yes. Because the writers must have realised how exhausted we all were after the previous weeks, they provided some comic relief in the form of cute little puppies.

Putting puppies to the side, the Season 2 finale of Ted Lasso was full with triumphs for the programme and its characters. The most glaring and obvious example? Actually, AFC Richmond overcame a two-goal deficit to earn promotion to the Premier League. They did it by recommitting to Nate’s False Nine strategy after it had such a poor first half.

Following Roy’s advise, Ted polled his teammates on whether or not they wanted to maintain the status quo, at which point team captain McAddo had everyone touch the BELIEVE! sign before working together on the field. To make matters worse for the hapless Dani Rojas, Jamie Tartt gave up his chance at a game-tying penalty shot. Absolutely stunning. It lacked sophistication and was quite cheesy. True Ted Lasso style. (Nate also didn’t like it, but more on that later.)

 Sam Obisanya, meanwhile, has reaffirmed his commitment to AFC Richmond. Sam saw near-real-time confirmation that he had made the right decision when Ghanaian billionaire Edwin Akufo had a nervous breakdown over his selection. What do you mean, Sam’s staying? Yay! Keeley slayed it in a fashion spread (and landed a new job), Roy dealt constructively with his jealousy, and Ted faced his mental health issues head-on. In other words, the series finale of Ted Lasso was a happy, triumphant tale of triumph over adversity. Wrong.

The Bad in the Ted Lasso Season 2 Finale: Nate, Edwin Akufo, and Rupert’s Return

So, to put it briefly… Nate. After weeks of wondering what the hell was up with Nate the Great, we eventually had a truly violent battle between him and Ted. Initially, Ted doesn’t want to confront Nate about the fact that he exposed his panic attack to the press. However, as Nate becomes outraged about the team’s cohesiveness — you know, rallying around the BELIEVE! sign — Ted confronts his erstwhile pal what’s going on. “C’mon. Why am I even here? Asked Ted.

Nate begins a list of resentful complaints with arguably the most significant one. Ted made Nate feel like the most important person in the world and then move his focus elsewhere. Ted was unprepared for the way Nate’s insecurities would drive his anger. And so now Nate is embittered about Ted’s success, believing that the American transplant only survived his first year at Richmond leaning on his own tactical genius.

He says Coach Lasso doesn’t belong in the world of professional soccer, and he calls Ted an embarrassment to football because of this. Needless to say, Ted is not surprised to find a torn down “BELIEVE!” sign in his office after the game. Nor should we have been surprised when the closing picture of the season reveals Nate is now coaching West Ham for Rupert (Anthony Head) (Anthony Head).

Oh, yes, the last minutes of Season 2 of Ted Lasso reveal that Season 3 would feature a Premier League matchup between AFC Richmond and West Ham, representing the forces of good and evil, respectively. Sam’s dismissal of Edwin Akufo (who wants to join a football team, too) is just as foreboding.

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