Dog Movie: Trailer, Release Date Status, Cast & Everything We Know So Far

Dog Movie: Trailer, Release Date Status, Cast & Everything We Know So Far

The Channing Tatum is back with a banger comical adventure to watch with your family, and it’s the brand new Dog Movie named Dog, and we cannot wait! This Dog Movie will be related very soon, so sit tight and get ready for one hell of an adventure.

What can be more pleasant than a movie which makes you laugh, can be enjoyed with the family, has an adorable dog in it, and has Channing Tatum? Nothing, and that’s why this Dog Movie is going to be your next favourite thing!

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Dog Movie Release Date

This upcoming Dog Movie, Dog, will be released on February 18, 2022! After being postponed from its initial release date on February 12, 2021, the movie will be released in the USA for watchers to view. The film has created suspense within fans with how fun it will be as watchers expect it to be a whole package of craze, fun, and adventure.

Dog Movie: Trailer, Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know So Far

Based on a true story, this Dog Movie will have you on the edge of your seat with what’s to come next. As of now, it will be available to watch only in movie theatres and might eventually be available to stream online on platforms like TheVore, PlutoTV, Fandor, etc.

Dog Movie Cast

The dog will be a fascinating movie, and we are extremely satisfied to know about the cast of this  Dog Movie. Directed by Reid Carolin and Channing Tatum himself, the cast members of Dog are mainly a Belgian Malinoi, Lulu, our adorable four-pawed star. Also, actors like Channing Tatum, the main character, Skyler Joy, Cayden Boyd, Aqueela Zol, Ronnie Gene Belvins, Ethan Suplee, Q’orianka Kilcher, Kevin Nash, Bill Burr, Nicole LaLiberte, Amanda Booth, Jane Adams, Joy Sunday, Justin Louis Weiss, and among these, Mike Vaughn who did additional voices, and many.

The characters played by the mentioned actors in the movie are Lulu, Briggs, Natalie, Callan, Keith, Tamar, Levitz, Zoe, Callan, Ranger Lucas, Dr Gray, Dr Junaid, Sergeant Riley Rodriguez, a hipster bartender, Brad, a police officer, two Sam, a priest, and others like a range girl, teenagers, cellmates, hotel guests.

Dog Movie Trailer

The MGM Studios Brought Dog movie’s trailer will warm up your heart, and you might also shed a tear if you adore dogs. Well, this Dog Movie is about a dog. Big shocker? This story is about a man and a dog bonding over time, and this journey is portrayed in this film.

The trailer starts with Lulu, a character inspired by Tatum’s real canine partner, and Tatum as Briggs, who wants to rejoin service, and to do so, he has to prove that he can handle anything. By anything, they meant it. Briggs is brought to Lulu to take care of her and make her gentle. Lulu only knows how to attack and pounce on the next possible threat as a service dog. Taking Lulu with him, Briggs sets out on a trip to get Lulu under control.

After he’s been relatively unsuccessful with Lulu shredding his car seats even before he can get home and him calling the latter a ‘demon.’ Lulu takes off into the woods on the way home, entering an old lady’s house who has got Lulu to be calm and gentle. Briggs here learns that Lulu, however tough she might be, needs love!

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From here, the trailer shows how they both create a bond over time and go together well, with a bit of hindrance caused here and there. There’s a scene where Lulu seems afraid of lightning. Briggs comforts her and offers her a snack while munching on some as well. They also are seen going on a mission about which not much has been shown. A scene where Lulu gives Briggs a ‘shake’ will make you say awww and have you head over heels in love with the duo. The trailer closes with both of them in the bathtub having a bath and enjoying their time as friends. The movie can be expected to be heart-touching and loved by the masses.

So are you ready to embark on this journey with Lulu and Briggs? Or are you afraid of the four-pawned adorable ‘demon’? Get ready to have your hearts filled with joy and love with this Dog Movie this February.

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