Dolores Honj Boyfriend Paul
Dolores Honj Boyfriend Paul

Dolores RHONJ Dishes on Boyfriend Paul Connell: “Marriage Isn’t Our End Goal”

Following many tumultuous relationships on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dolores Catania appeared to have discovered Paul “Paulie” Connell as her soul mate in 2021.

Using Dolores’ Instagram account, the couple made their romance public in February 2022.

Dolores has revealed even more details about her relationship with Paul, including how it strained her relationship with her ex-husband Frank Catania.

Dolores’ connection with Frank changes as she and Paul’s relationship grows more serious, but she is ecstatically in love with her new beau.

Fans are speculating whether the Bravolebrity will wed Paul in the future because they have been together for so long. In a recent conversation with Distractify, Dolores laid out where she and her partner, Paul, stand toward marriage.

‘RHONJ’s’ Dolores Catania Says She And Her Boyfriend, Paul Connell, Aren’t Making Marriage Their Goal!

We saw something unique about Dolores and Paul’s relationship even though viewers had seen her with ex-boyfriends like Frank and David Principle on RHONJ.

They have been inseparable since they shared their first photo on Valentine’s Day, 2022. In October 2022, Dolores acknowledged that she had moved in with Paul after only a few months of the relationship.

“I’ve chosen to live most of my life as a loner,” Dolores admitted to Distractify. “Even as a kid, I always had a lot of friends. But I was also to myself.”

Dolores Honj Boyfriend Paul

With her friends and Paul, the Paterson native soon let her guard down. She claimed that she is in a position where she can now “lean” on others in her close circle.

Although some aspects of Dolores’s life have changed, she is content with the direction of the relationship and isn’t quite ready to become the new Mrs. Connell.

“Paul and I, we’ve been married, we have children, [so] marriage isn’t our end goal,” Dolores said. “If it happens, yeah. But our goal is to have peace in our lives together — [to be] harmonious, make it one.”

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Dolores claimed she was a self-described loner and faced several difficulties alone. Dolores claimed she had to be “strong” for her children “as a single mother” after ending her marriage to Frank just before the birth of their son, Frank Jr.

But, once Dolores started seeing Paul, he helped her depend on him for the things she usually performed alone and offered her a fresh outlook on life.

“I didn’t want to depend on anybody and let Paulie into my life the way I have; I like it. I am getting used to it,” Dolores admitted. “He said to me, ‘If I’m going to be a part of your life, then you have to let me help you and do things for you.’ And those little words broke down a lifetime of me not letting people in.”

She said that marriage is not the “end goal” for Dolores and Paulie. The 52-year-old Capricorn, however, asserted that having her man by her side makes her not frightened of reverting to her soft girl era.

“I want to be different; why not let somebody take care of you?” Dolores asked, adding, “Why not let Paul bring me breakfast in the morning and make my coffee? So let’s see what happens.”

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