Why Did Dreka And Kevin Gates Break Up
Why Did Dreka And Kevin Gates Break Up

Why Did Dreka And Kevin Break Up? Who Is Kevin Gates?

Dreka And Kevin Gates Break Up: Rapper Kevin Gates of “Really Really” is rumored to be divorcing his wife of over seven years, Dreka. The gossip mill hasn’t stopped turning since Kevin was spotted in New York City with a famous stylist, entrepreneur, and Love & Hip Hop: Miami graduate Jojo Zarur. Extensive rumors about Kevin and Jojo first surfaced in the fall of 2021.

In a recent viral video, Kevin and Jojo Zarur may be seen relaxing at what appears to be one of New York’s finest restaurants. Kevin shot this short film of the stars having a friendly chat. So far as I can tell, they are seated near one another. Dreka And Kevin Gates Break Up

Why Did Dreka And Kevin Gates Break Up?

Kevin Gates and Dreka had been married for nearly seven years, but he was recently linked to Love & Hip Hop graduate Jojo Zarur, prompting speculation that they had split. Fans have wondered if Kevin Gates and Dreka are officially over after the supposed duo was spotted by the paparazzi. The two of Jojo and Kevin were sighted at a top New York eatery.

Kevin said in an interview back in 2015 that he doesn’t want to refer to Dreka as his long-term girlfriend, instead calling her his best friend and life partner. Fans, though, have suspected that all is not well in their paradise. On November 30, 2012, Kevin and Dreka gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Islah Koren. Khaza Kamil Gates, born on May 10, 2014, is also a member of their shared family.

Several of Kevin’s songs—”Dreka” (2020), “Khaza” (2019), and “Islah” (2016 studio album)—are dedicated to his family and friends. They haven’t commented on the rumors of their breakup yet. Perhaps Kevin hinted in his most recent freestyle that Dreka Gates cheated on him with her trainer.

What Happened With Kevin Gates And Dreka?

Dreka And Kevin Gates
Dreka And Kevin Gates

Many people worldwide listen to Kevin Gates, an American rapper, performer, and entrepreneur. The rumors that Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka Gates are splitting up have been the subject of much discussion these days. Even though celebrity divorce rumors are commonplace in the media, Kevin Gates and Dreka remain beloved celebrity couples. The couple tied the knot in 2015 and have been living happily ever after.

This is what Kevin Gates said, so it must be true. “Although I’ve never had a serious relationship, I have a close buddy. We had known each other for 14 years. She is my companion, and I confide in her about everything. And she’s my life partner as well as my business partner. There will be no girlfriends for me.

That would be classified as a casual relationship.” He said this in response to a query regarding his longtime girlfriend, Dreka. Learn more about this in the following text.

Who Is Dreka Gates?

As Shadreka Centuri Haynes, Dreka Gates is a YouTuber, Instagram celebrity, model, and businesswoman. Marrying famous American rapper Kevin Gates propelled her into the spotlight. The pair and its members have garnered much support and admiration from their audience. Dreka has established herself as more than just a star spouse. She has built a thriving business and become a viral hit.

Moreover, she has appeared in several music videos. A famous actor’s wife works out regularly and eats healthily. Many young people look up to her as a fashion leader. Gates’s social media following earned her several paid endorsement deals from major companies.

She has amassed an impressive 134K followers on her eponymous YouTube channel. The Gates couple gets along well and is well-known in their field. Their romantic and professional lives are intertwined. Dreka and Kevin’s lifestyle is one that other couples can aspire to. The family life that the team provides for their children is excellent.

Who Is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates was born in Louisiana on February 5th, 1986, but his family relocated to Baton Rouge shortly afterward. Gates did not have a great childhood because his father was absent, and he got involved in crime at a young age. Gates’ first arrest occurred when he was 13 years old. However, he did spend some time in his early 20s studying at a local community college. After Gates reestablished contact with his father as a teenager, his father died suddenly.

What Was Kevin Gates First Hit?

Kevin Gates signed with Dead Game Records in 2007 after showing early musical interest. Kevin Gates helped place Baton Rouge alongside artists like Boosie and Webbie on the hip-hop map. Kevin Gates profited from working with Boosie, who went on to become one of the city’s most popular rappers.

Prison halted his career in 2008, but he returned to the music industry in 2011 with a master’s degree in psychology and renewed vigor. The success of his debut mixtape, Make ‘Em Believe, led Lil’ Wayne’s record company, Young Money Entertainment, to recruit Gates to its management team (not as a rapper). However, Gates was able to use this setback as a stepping stone toward starting his record label in the future.

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