Editorial Policy

Fair, open, and unbiased fact-checking is something News Watchlist is committed to doing. We adhere to the following principles and aim for high editorial standards:

Nonpartisan approach: News Watchlist is unaffiliated with any political party. We support fact-checking stories from all political viewpoints and hold all assertions to the same standards, regardless of where they came from. Without fear or favour, we expose false information.

Evidence-based: To a fact-checker, the truth is inviolable. As a result, we strive for accuracy in our fact-checking and use a variety of sources to make sure that our findings are supported by solid data. We employ online resources like reverse image searches or source material from reputable sources, depending on the type of fact-checking that is necessary. We also contact the appropriate party when necessary to confirm a claim. We never cite unnamed sources.

Transparency: News Watchlist goes into great detail to show how the assertion was refuted. This is done for transparency’s sake and also serves an instructional function by instructing readers on how to assess claims they may encounter in the future.