Elle King's Inebriated Performance During the Dolly Parton Tribute Prompted an Apology From Grand Ole Opry (1)

Elle King’s Inebriated Performance During the Dolly Parton Tribute Prompted an Apology From Grand Ole Opry

During Friday’s Dolly Parton tribute at the Grand Ole Opry, singer Elle King admitted to the audience that she had been drinking before fumbling over the lyrics to one of Parton’s songs. On Parton’s birthday, the venue apologised for the profanity-filled performance that had audience members booing the singer.

The famous Nashville music venue responded to an irate patron who had complained about King on X, the network that was once known as Twitter. Hi Judas, we deeply regret and apologize for the language that was used during last night’s second Opry performance,” according to the tweet.

The user they were replying to wrote back: “It was such a disappointment to spend $300 on tickets for a show where one of the artists ruined an entire night. I mean it’s The Opry, the greatest country venue in the world. That performance was like lackluster karaoke performer wasted out of their minds. Awful.”

Social media videos feature King—actual name Tanner Elle Schneider—fibbing her way through Dolly Parton’s “Marry Me.” “Please, don’t tell Dolly,” she whispers in the middle of the song. “Holy s***, don’t tell Dolly.”

“You paid for admission to this s***,” she exclaimed as the song came to a close. “You ain’t getting your money back.” She continued to cuss and spoke to a heckler in the crowd before addressing the audience. “Hi, my name is Elle King and I’m f***ing hammered.”

Ashley Monroe and Terri Clark were also part of the Dolly-themed evening that took place at the Opry’s Rhyman Auditorium on January 19th, which was Parton’s 78th birthday. The Opry informed ahead of time that vocalist Lauren Alaina would not be able to appear.

Their apology tweet, which was posted below the announcement about Alaina, garnered multiple reactions from irate audience members “I’ve been going to the Opry for probably 50 years and I can not for the life of me think of a more disrespectful and horrible performance at the Opry. Your apology not accepted by me,”

“Y’all shouldn’t have to apologize for #ElleKing antics. She shld apolgize to the fabulous #DollyParton for making Dolly’s bday a circus by mocking her and the audience,” another wrote. “The Opry has so much wonderful history and so well respected. She needs to be banned for life!”

Elle King's Inebriated Performance During the Dolly Parton Tribute Prompted an Apology From Grand Ole OpryThe notoriously edgy King discussed her intoxicated vs sober performances in an interview she gave to the San Diego Tribune in 2022. “You know, now that I have done performances in both ways, they are different,” added the actress. They don’t refer to it as ‘liquid courage’ without reason. I all, how often do you show up to a job only to find booze waiting for you in the dressing room? Fewer than that.

Despite her admission that she enjoys drinking and singing, she expressed a desire to refrain from being as inebriated as her past self. “It’s easier for me to say: ‘Yeah, I want to drink and party and (then) go on stage,'” she said.

“I get nervous before I go on stage, (so) I have couple of drinks (first). Drinking makes me less nervous about hitting the notes when I sing. If I don’t make them, it won’t sting as much.” Speaking about her priorities, King, who had a boy in 2021, stated that “being a mother way, way, way above having a good time.”

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