Gladys Presley Cause Of Death

Gladys Presley Cause Of Death: How Old Was Elvis When His Mother Died?

Both incredible highs and devastating lows marked the life of Elvis Presley. His biography is again in the spotlight because of the most recent biopic, Elvis, which details the life of the renowned rock and roll performer.

What Caused Gladys Presley’s Death?

Gladys Presley’s life started to get depressed. She confided in a friend that she wished they were back in poverty. The energy they were leading was so different from what she was used to.

She would then start drinking more frequently and begin using diet medications. Later, in 1958, Gladys contracted hepatitis.

Gladys Presley Cause Of Death

On August 14, 1958, Gladys fell unwell and tragically passed away. She died of a heart attack, but it was later determined that alcohol poisoning’s effect on her liver contributed to her early demise.

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Gladys Presley’s passing would alter Elvis for good. Friends said he could not move at the funeral and was inconsolable. Given the nature of their relationship, it would be unexpected if he didn’t feel that way.

Elvis died of a heart attack on August 16, 1977, almost the same day his mother passed away. Two more years passed before his father, Vernon, died from a heart arrest.

At the Graceland estate in Memphis, TN, the Presley family’s graves are situated side by side.

How Old Was Elvis When His Mother Died?

Elvis Presley was only 23 when Gladys Presley passed suddenly on August 14, 1958. Because he was close to his mother, losing her was all the more tragic.

Elvis’ family didn’t come from a wealthy background or anything similar. His mother was a cotton farmer’s daughter who met his father at a church. Gladys would get pregnant shortly before giving birth on January 8, 1935.

Regrettably, this day would bring disaster to the whole family. Gladys would give birth to twin boys, but Jesse Garon Presley, the first, died after delivery.

Elvis would confirm his mother’s conviction that the surviving twin would possess their combined strength.

As Elvis grew older, the attachment between mother and son deepened even more. Gladys always wanted Elvis at her side, so they were inseparable.

They then followed the fame that would launch Elvis into the stratosphere. Although many families would embrace such things for their children, others may feel the opposite.

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