Hellbound Season 2

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date Status Updates, Renewal, Cast, Synopsis, And More

Hellbound received extraordinary attention from the fans. However, it still awaits a renewal confirmation from Netflix. The first season ended on a high note, so it is safe to assume that Hellbound Season 2 will be released. But when will it come out? Moreover, how will the story unfold?

The Korean show explores a rather unusual genre of religion and horror. The story focuses on a town where chosen people receive visions of their deaths. As the clock strikes 12, the demons like entities take over that individual and drag them to the lowest pits of hell. If you still haven’t watched the show, consider this a sign to watch it! However, remember that the imagery is not for the weak-hearted, so make sure that you prepare yourself for the worst of scenes.

The first season of Hellbound lasted for 6 episodes, but still, the story can be further explored. So, yes, we might be getting Hellbound Season 2. For more updates, continue reading the article!

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date

Up till now, Netflix has not greenlit the show, but we’re expecting the renewal news to be just a few weeks away from us. Because the show has already toppled Squid Game, and as it has a strong fanbase, we’ll get a second season as well.

Hellbound Season 2

Creator Yeon Sang-ho has also refused to pass any comments on the show’s fate. But whatever he said in the interviews is mentioned down below:

“They very much agreed to and related to my creative vision, but they also created an environment where I didn’t have to think about anything else aside from focusing on my creativity in terms of distribution or when or how to release the series.

“Because Hellbound is based on the original webtoons, my partner Choi Kyu-Seok and I have decided that the story afterwards will be told first through the webtoon and, as for whether we would want to turn that into another live-action series, that’s something that we will need further discussion on.

“As you know, we have only just released Hellbound season 1, and so we didn’t have any time to discuss that issue with Netflix. So I would say this is something we need further discussion on.”

Deducing from these statements, we still have hope that Netflix will renew the show for a second season! And if this happens, then we can expect it to come out in 2022 around November or December.

Hellbound Season 2 Cast

Hellbound Season 2 will also feature the same characters. So, you can expect most of the original cast to come back. Depending on the story development, you can also expect new additions to the cast. Assuming that the sequel will recruit the same actors to expect to see the following faces again:

  • Jin Kyeong-hoon as Yang Ik-June
  • Bae Young-Jae as Park Jeong-min
  • Song So-hyun as Won Jin-ah
  • Min Hye-jin as Kim Hyun-Joo
  • Jeong Jin-soo as Yoo Ah-in

Hellbound Season 2 Plot

The first season of Hellbound had a lot of unexplained disappearances of characters. Most likely, they will be explained in Hellbound Season 2. Park Jeong-JA returned out of nowhere even though she died. But how? Well, that remains a mystery.

The first season entailed the gruesome creatures terrorizing South Korea, but their stories were not explored. So, we might get a proper explanation of where these entities originate from. In the last episode of Hellbound, the truth bomb was dropped that sin had nothing to do with the victims. People were chosen at random.

The exciting part about all the deaths was that the dead could return to life! But will they be able to exist as normal human beings again? Or do they come back with some other motives? Guess for all these questions. We’ll have to wait until the writers speak about the plot of Hellbound Season 2. We can only rely on potential storylines and fan theories until then! 

Hellbound Season 2 Trailer 

Unfortunately, there is no trailer for Hellbound Season 2. You’ll have to wait for a pretty long time because the show hasn’t even been renewed for a second season. And even if it gets greenlit, the production will also take time. So, expect footage from the sequel to drop somewhere in 2022.

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