Henry Rollins Net Worth

Henry Rollins Net Worth: The Real Reason Behind His Unconventional Personal Life Choices!

American musician, comedian, actor, and host Henry Lawrence Garfield (born February 13, 1961) is better known by his stage name, Henry Rollins. Rollins led the California hard rock band Black Flag from 1981 to 1986 after participating in the short-lived hardcore punk band State of Alert in 1980.

After the group’s dissolution, he founded the Rollins Band and toured with various lineups from 1987 through 2003 and again in 2006 before releasing his spoken word CDs on his own record label and publishing firm, 2.13.61.

Henry Rollins Net Worth

Henry Rollins is worth $6 million as a musician and actor. From 1981 through 1986, Henry Rollins was the frontman for the extreme punk band Black Flag. After that, he started the Rollins Band and released many albums of spoken word. Rollins has also hosted several radio and TV shows, had movie appearances, and been actively involved in activism and political matters in the United States.

Henry Rollins Net Worth

Henry Rollins Early Life and Education

Henry Lawrence Garfield, better known as Henry Rollins, was born on February 13, 1961, in the nation’s capital. Paul and Iris’s son is also their only child. Rollins’ parents split up when he was three years old, and his mom took over raising him. He was sexually abused as a child and struggled with depression as a result.

He attended the all-boys Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland, where he learned the value of discipline and hard work. Rollins started his college career at American University but left after only one semester. After that, he took a slew of low-paying jobs, including one as a courier for kidney samples at the NIH.

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Henry Rollins Personal Life and Activism

Rollins has not had a serious relationship since he was in his twenties. He has made the conscious decision not to have children and to keep his social circle small. Rollins, an ardent human rights campaigner, has long advocated for equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

During the Iraq War, he traveled with the USO and started an initiative to aid veterans in their transition back into civilian life. Rollins is also active in the fight to legalize cannabis and the World Hunger Relief Foundation.

Henry Rollins Actual Property

Henry sold his Los Angeles property for $740,000 in 1999 and used the proceeds to purchase a new home for $2.2 million. On the market since November of 2021 at a price of $3.9 million, it was listed by him.

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