How Did Lloyd Avery Ii Die

How Did Lloyd Avery II Die? And When Did He Die?

American actor Lloyd Avery II was well-known for his parts in movies including “Poetic Justice” and “Boyz n the Hood.”

He was born in Los Angeles, California, on June 21, 1969. The father of Avery, Lloyd Avery Sr., was a convicted felon who lived most of his life behind bars.

Avery II found refuge in performing and started pursuing a career in the entertainment sector despite growing up in a challenging home.

When Did The Death Of Lloyd Avery Ii?

Former actor Lloyd Avery, best known for his part in the film “Boyz N the Hood,” received a life sentence for his involvement in a double killing in July 1999 in Los Angeles’ Jungle neighborhood.

Avery arrived in Pelican Bay in March 2001, when he started to rebuild his life by converting to Christianity and playing a significant role in the institution’s church.

How Did Lloyd Avery Ii Die

Then disaster struck in September 2005 when he was fatally beaten by another prisoner and killed.

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Correctional staff put Avery and Kevin Roby, also known as Satanic Christ, in the same cell without understanding the differences in their worldviews.

Roby choked Avery to death after the two prisoners got into a fierce debate over religion.

After that, Roby performed a Satanic ritual, painting the cell walls with Avery’s blood and laying his body on a pentagram he had drawn on the floor.

Several people were shocked by Avery’s passing because he had worked hard to change his life and had started to have a positive impact on those around him.

Aspiration of blood was identified as the official cause of death, with blunt force trauma as a contributory component.

The terrible episode serves as a reminder of the risks inside the criminal justice system and the significance of safeguarding inmates’ safety.

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