hunter doohan fielder jewett
hunter doohan fielder jewett

Your Honor Star Hunter Doohan Reveals Surprising Love Story

Hunter Doohan, known for his role in the series “Your Honor,” recently opened up about his marriage and shared details about how he met his husband, Fielder Jewett. The couple tied the knot earlier this year, with Bryan Cranston, Hunter’s co-star from “Your Honor,” officiating the ceremony. Hunter and Fielder celebrated their love and shared glimpses of their special day on their Instagram profiles.

During an appearance on the Keep It! podcast hosted by Ira Madison III and Louis Virtel, Hunter delved into his relationship with Fielder, describing him as an avid entertainment consumer. Hunter mentioned their fun trivia nights and how Fielder always shines, securing victories for them. Hunter said they connected on Tinder’s dating app when asked about their initial meeting.

Recalling the early days of their relationship, Hunter shared that they first met in 2015 and got engaged during the pandemic, and the extended period of time they spent together due to the pandemic allowed them to deepen their bond.

hunter doohan fielder jewett-

Hunter mentioned how many of their friends experienced significant relationship milestones during that time, either breaking up, getting married, or starting a family.

On the podcast, Hunter also revealed his obsession with RuPaul’s Drag Race while filming for the series “Wednesday” in Romania. He described it as a lifesaver, indulging in 14 seasons of the show during breaks from portraying his character on set.

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As for other pop culture interests, Hunter confessed his current fascination with “White Lotus” and his longstanding admiration for the works of Shonda Rhimes. He acknowledged the influence of popular shows and expressed his enthusiasm as a devoted fan.

In summary, Hunter Doohan’s personal life takes center stage. He shares the story of meeting his husband on Tinder, their wedding officiated by Bryan Cranston, and his pop culture passions during filming breaks.

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