Insider Warns of New GTA Online PC Kick Exploits
Insider Warns of New GTA Online PC Kick Exploits

Insider Warns of New GTA Online PC Kick Exploits, Even After The Latest Security Update

Early in February, a GTA Online title update for PC addressed the remote code execution problem that had been frequently requested to a reasonable amount. This allowed players to return to the game after a long absence gradually.

Data miners searched through the patched game files despite Rockstar Games’ official update patch withholding vital information, and they uncovered brand-new details on the upgrade.

Overall, the patch has improved the well-liked multiplayer game in many ways. Insiders caution that modders can still use kick-out exploits to ruin the gameplay.

Game Data Miners Warn Players About A Less-intrusive Pc Kick Exploit In GTA Online

Tez2, a well-known Rockstar Games insider, tweeted additional information about the recent security-related title update in GTA Online on February 6, 2023. The update incorporated a few significant changes that the community had long demanded while encouraging PC users to freely and fearlessly return to the game.

Insider Warns of New GTA Online PC Kick Exploits
Insider Warns of New GTA Online PC Kick Exploits

Modders and hackers won’t be able to misrepresent their actual Rockstar Games ID or in-game names to other players anymore in Tez2, thanks to the most recent update, and blame them for mod-related exploits. The gaming company additionally tightened security for the Invite-Only lobbies to prevent outsiders from entering them without the host’s consent.

A tweet from Tez2′s official account remarked,#GTAV‘s PC recent patch addressed spoofed RIDs/names and made inviteonly lobbies more secure so no more cheaters joining uninvited. Your traffic may now go through relay servers, depending on latency, thus shielding your IP. More info about the latter:”-

A “less-severe exploit” that can kick and disconnect people and leave them alone in the lobby was also mentioned by the data miner, which is unfortunate. It should be said that this resembles a typical disconnect problem that happens when playing GTA Online over a sluggish internet connection or mobile hotspot.

Until recently, hackers and modders may destroy a game’s multiplayer and story modes. They need to be in the same lobby as you to cause problems because of the updated security measures. Even though your game can’t crash right now like it used to, your gaming experience can still be ruined by someone interfering with your peer-to-peer connection.

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Rockstar Implemented New Connection Rules With The Security Patch

A new connection rule was added to the security update to prevent players’ IP addresses from being revealed to modders, hackers, or other GTA Online users. Rockstar Games now uses relay servers to mask IP addresses to stop modders from remotely breaking your game.

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