INTEL Announces The 12th Generation Core Duo Compatible DDR5 MEMORY: 16GB Package, up to 6666MHZ

Intel ’s 12th-generation Core Duo has been released, and the performance has improved significantly, and this generation also first released DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0. At present, DDR5 memory is still relatively small and expensive. If you are worried about compatibility, you can check the compatibility list officially announced by Intel, up to DDR5-6666.


In terms of performance, these memory frequencies start at 4800MHz, followed by 5200MHz, 6000MHz, and up to DDR5-6666MHz. They are launched by Zhiqi, with a timing of 40-40-40-7 and a voltage of 1.35V.


These memories also support XMP 3.0 overclocking specifications. For details, please refer to the figure below.




However, according to Intel, compared to DDR4-3200, DDR5-4800 has the leading game performance most of the time, but the margin is not too large, generally not exceeding 5%, so there is no need to rush to a new generation of memory.

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