Is John Travolta Dating Anyone
Is John Travolta Dating Anyone

Is John Travolta Dating Anyone? What Is His Romantic History?

Is John Travolta Dating Anyone: Over four decades ago, when John Travolta first made his acting debut, he was one of Hollywood’s most popular leading men. To further his acting career, he wed another actor. Specifically: Kelly Preston As of 1991, he was no longer available for purchase. In 2020, Preston lost his life in a horrible accident. To break up Shorty Star’s 30-year marriage. Is John Travolta Dating Anyone?

Does John Travolta have a girlfriend at this time? This is how things currently stand in his romantic life. Losing one’s spouse is the most devastating experience a person can go through. Especially if we were young when he or she abandoned us, this is a painful experience.

Having trouble loving anyone else, being the odd man out grew increasingly challenging. Is John Travolta Dating Anyone?  John Travolta went through a similar experience.

Who Is John Travolta’s Girlfriend?

Kelly Travolta, John’s late wife, passed away in July 2016. Breast cancer ultimately proved fatal for her. He remains a single man after that. Nobody is currently dating him. John has no interest in having a relationship, even though many women would like to date him.

His pals want to move in with him, but he is not yet ready for that. It’s not because he has trouble meeting suitable women. He has the ability to locate but chooses not to. His friends hope he will find a new love and begin a new chapter in his life. However, performers haven’t moved past the tragedy yet.

What Is John’s Romantic History?

In the realm of celebrity, he is among the most notoriously private people. However, the private lives of celebrities are not their own. It was emitted from many locations. He goes through seven previous relationships before he finally finds Kelly to be his wife. He was in a relationship with Paul Barresi at first. They were together for a total of three years. However, they failed.

John Travolta
John Travolta

Later, Doug Gotterba entered his life and became his second girlfriend. During those six years, he was seriously involved with her. Still, they, too, ended their relationship. Is John Travolta Dating Anyone? Then, he begins a multi-month relationship with Brooke Shields. His subsequent relationship with Marilu Henner lasted the longest. We’ve been together for the past eleven years.

Unfortunately, fate did not pair them up. They ended up getting divorced as well. After breaking up with his long-term partner, he dated Diana Hyland for a year and then Anita Gillette for a year. Kelly was the last person he dated before he found the one. Everybody tied the knot. However, fate may and does shatter them as well. Because of what happened, he can’t bear the thought of being in another relationship again.

Is Travolta Single At The Moment?

Travolta still misses his late wife and the mother of his children. The Look Who’s Talking star told Esquire Spain’s Interview with a 2021 contender, “I learned that mourning someone, dealing with grief, is something very personal.” “Mourning is personal; only going through it can help you heal. One person’s journey through grief is not the same as another’s.

On Instagram, he routinely pays tribute to the late actress, most recently with a video for Mother’s Day that was captioned, “We love and miss you, Kelly. Sending best wishes on this special day honoring moms everywhere.

Travolta put acting on hold when Preston died so he could spend time with his kids, who are now 22 and 11. Nonetheless, Travolta has recently been making a comeback to the film industry after his passing. Travolta has two films in post-production, one of which is a thriller titled American Metal, as per IMDB. Paradise City is a Drama about a Sinful Town. His Pulp Fiction is included here as well. Together, he and Bruce Willis are in this.

Who Is Travolta’s Wife?

Kelly Travolta, the wife of John Travolta, passed away in July of 2016. She lost her fight against the sickness and passed away. He hasn’t gotten back into the dating scene ever since. He does not have a significant other at this moment. John has a lot of female admirers who want to take him out on dates, but he doesn’t want any of them in his life. It doesn’t matter how many of his pals there are; he is not yet ready to live with them.

That isn’t to say he hasn’t tried to find a mate. He has the capability to locate, but he chooses not to. All his buddies are urging him to begin with his new girlfriend on the right romantic foot. However, until recently, performers were unable to overcome their fears.

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