Is Justin Bieber Gay
Is Justin Bieber Gay

Vile ‘Justin Bieber Comes Out As Gay’ Meme On Instagram Enrages Fans!

Rumors about the singer’s s*xual orientation have been born due to the offensive joke and are spreading on various social media websites. Many people, however, are unaware that Justin Bieber long ago dispelled claims that he was gay.

The musician, his wife Hailey Bieber, and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez have all been included in the endless Internet drama, which is disgusting, but people are sick of it.

Fans are stopping trolls from propagating false allegations that the singer is gay after standing up for the singer’s marriage in the face of vulgar comments saying Justin and Hailey should seek a divorce.

‘Justin Bieber Comes Out As Gay’ Meme Traces Back To Instagram

The account published a photo of Justin wearing a pink beanie on Thursday and the caption, “Justin Bieber comes out as gay.”

It also includes a false quote purporting to be from the artist that claims he woke up wanting to have s*x with a “dude.”

The meme is terrible on many levels, but it also disrespects the gay community by making an insensitive remark, as if there were physical acts in a homos*xual relationship.

Is Justin Bieber Gay

Conversely, Justin’s supporters have criticized the meme as being false and unfairly attacking the artist, which many people have started to believe.

Vile Post Enrages Fans

Fans have criticized the post for spreading false rumors about Justin’s personal life when he is already involved in enough drama and has not found the meme funny, as expected.

One wrote: “How can you all believe this so easily? *sigh* Let the man be. And his personal life is not your business.”

“Bro, for any grown adult to think this is real, proves how much our intelligence and intellectual judgment have declined,” said another.

A third fan wrote: “He’s too obsessed and in love with his wife. Y’all are weirdos.”

“And you think this is funny? Chasing clout. Please get a life,” said another.

Singer Clarified His S*xuality In 2015

Even if Justin were gay, being labeled gay wasn’t an insult, as he has previously stated.

On June 1, 2015, he uploaded a video to his Instagram account where he can be seen giving his security a warm kiss on the cheek as they travel by plane.

According to MTV, in the video, which has no sound, the bodyguard is allegedly heard saying, “you’re gay” after Justin kissed him on the cheek.

The singer responded with an assertive caption: “I’m not gay but even if I was that’s not an insult.”

Justin is confident about himself and seems to be unbothered by the uncouth behavior of Internet trolls.

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