Is Naomi Osaka Still Dating Cordae
Is Naomi Osaka Still Dating Cordae

Is Naomi Osaka Still Dating Cordae Each Other In 2022?

Despite the enormous attention that comes with being a professional tennis player, Naomi Osaka is very discreet about her personal life. However! There is some information available about her lover Cordae and their adorable relationship; the two of them can’t help but share their adorableness with the world. So, if you’re in the mood for a deep dive, you’ve landed to the ideal area. But first…


In early August 2022, there was widespread, incorrect conjecture that Naomi and Cordae (formerly of the hip-hop group YBN) had broken up. According to TMZ, the pair is “happier in love than ever” and has been “spending even more time together recently,” making the breakup rumours all the more strange. And this seems to be their response to the rumours:


To put it another way, they’re both performing at an extremely high level. During the release of Cordae’s second album, From a Bird’s Eye View, Naomi expressed her enthusiasm for the album and her support for him in an Instagram post, saying, “I love you, Cordae “A person like @cordae, who seems to bring light into any room she enters (or maybe it’s just her hair, lol), makes you believe that some people are destined to do special things. You should be quite pleased with this, your second album.”


Cordae told GQ how they met and why they decided to keep their relationship (largely) under wraps “We went out for nearly a full year before anyone found out about us. Because of this, we tend to keep to ourselves. I don’t think we share many private moments online because I consider them to be holy. The two people in a partnership are truly sacrosanct. When unwelcome elements are included, its sacredness is diminished.”

Is Naomi Osaka Still Dating Cordae
Is Naomi Osaka Still Dating Cordae

At the same time, Naomi praised Cordae for her unwavering support throughout the 2020 U.S. Open, saying, “Because of everything that was happening in New York, I began to feel really downhearted. I’m sure there were calls to Cordae where I broke down in tears. My memory fails me. Even though he was swamped, he yet left immediately. That was very helpful, thank you. Whether or whether I’ve already told him that is a question. I think he was important in my success since he kept me motivated throughout the entire process.”


After quitting YBN in 2021, Cordae launched Hi Level. “I founded Hi Level to open the door for other creatives,” he remarked in an interview with the Recording Academy. “In addition to being the name of a record company, “Hi Level” may be considered a personal philosophy or even a mantra. Everything I do, I think to myself, must be done to the best of my ability. For this reason, every time I see the name “Hi Level,” I am reminded of the significance it holds. By encouraging or reminding people from all walks of life, not just the creative class, to adopt an open mind and embrace change, we may help foster an environment where innovation thrives.”


Lyrics like “My girl would forfeit a tennis match to meet my grandmama/Man, she definitely a keeper” can be found in the song “Dream in Color.” Nope, the referees don’t bother Naomi at all. Since he always asks her permission first, she says, the thought doesn’t occur to her very often. But, you know, that’s the part I find most incredible. Lyrics for his songs are written by him. He needs to slow down and appreciate the moments he spends doing these things. What you’re doing is absolutely fascinating.


The initial impression he created was really favourable. She recalled seeing a large number of individuals eager to get their picture taken with him and remarked as much to GQ. And I thought it was awesome how nice and approachable he was to everyone.

Similarly, Cordae didn’t realise Naomi was a tennis player until after the fact, saying, “For me, that’s not a legitimate sport. If you had asked me about tennis before I became obsessed with it because of Naomi, all I would have been able to tell you was that Venus and Serena Williams are the best. Simply said, they’ve always been an accepted part of the tradition.”


Though she does not enjoy it. She concluded, “I realise that the tennis circuit is where I belong.” His tour is not something I enjoy at all. Not his tour in particular, but a tour of artists in general. This is a very challenging task. They (the artists) basically have to move every night, and I don’t know like I feel like on the tennis tour you at least get a couple, a week to like settle down; explore the area, but they literally just have a couple hours to do it, if even so.” I’m so head over heels for their love.

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