Jacob Latimore And Serayah Still Together 2022
Jacob Latimore And Serayah Still Together 2022

Are Jacob Latimore And Serayah Still Together 2022?

Viewers know they can count on Showtime to deliver dramatic, emotional stories. There is no doubt that since its 2018 debut around the world, ‘The Chi’ has become its most popular and successful series to date. Fans all over the world have praised the show for its realistic depiction of the challenges faced by members of the Black community in Southern California. Season 5 of ‘The Chi’ premiered on June 26.

In Season 5 of ‘The Chi,’ Jacob Latimore plays the role of Emmett. In the past four seasons, his character has gone through a wide range of emotions. As the fifth season explores many forms of “Black Love,” viewers will witness Emmett’s (Tyrese Gibson) sincere and serious attempts to win Kiesha’s (Birgundi Baker) heart again and become a different person for his ladylove Kiesha.

But this won’t be simple, since Kiesha’s burgeoning friendship with Tiff stands in the way of their romance and would unquestionably spice up the programme. With the help of Latimore, the actor’s private life has remained hidden from the media and the paparazzi. Because of this, we’ll walk you through the events of his romance with Serayah McNeill.

Jacob Latimore’s relationship with Serayah McNeill

Over the past six years, Latimore’s relationship with Serayah McNeill has grown steadily more committed and stable. The celebrity couple opted to keep their romance under wraps until 2019 when Latimore posted a photo of the two of them on his Instagram account. He wrote “Vegas” in the post’s caption.

Who is Jacob Latimore’s girlfriend Serayah McNeill?

Jacob Latimore And Serayah Still Together 2022
Jacob Latimore And Serayah Still Together 2022

McNeill enjoys mimicking Latimore as much as he can. By trade, she is a singer, model, and performer. Her portrayal of Tiana Brown on the groundbreaking smash TV series Empire has brought her widespread renown. She has also made appearances in Hollywood productions like “Lucky Girl,” “Burning Sands,” and “Wild ‘N Out.”

McNeill is not only a talented actor but also a talented singer who has contributed to many of the ‘Empire’ soundtracks along with her co-stars. McNeill has loved to sing and dance ever since she was a little girl. The actress grew up idolising successful women in the music industry, including pop stars like Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson.

How did Latimore and McNeill meet for the first time?

The two of them first connected during the 2016 BET Awards. They started dating soon after that. In March 2019, Latimore released a video of McNeill humming and appreciating his original song “Come Over Here,” which was the first hint about their connection.

McNeill confirms the relationship in 2019

McNeill revealed her connection with Latimore in an interview during the May 2019 launch event for Cardi B x Fashion Nova.

Latimore and McNeill open up about their relationship and more at BET Awards 2022

Latimore stated, “We met at the BET Awards in 2016,” in an interview for the premiere episode of “Millennial Love Stories,” which aired during the BET Awards 2022. Shameik Moore, a mutual friend and a great person, we adore you. So, I was aware of who she was without ever having actually met her. He also revealed that he had similarly done a double take when he saw McNeill on the red carpet at the star-studded award presentation in 2016, before giving her a heartfelt embrace. The two of us eventually started dating,” he stated.

Serayah McNeill, recalling their first date, raved about how impressed she was with Latimore after he took her to get her nails done. She reminisced about their first private outing together, saying, “I don’t think he had done it before, but he definitely was there getting a pedicure and that was like our first time together alone away from friends.”

Latimore stated, “I think the first time we posted no one really could tell if we were dating or not,” while describing the moment they made their relationship official after dating for over six to seven months. It resembled something else entirely. We weren’t trying to hide the fact that we were dating, and I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for people to figure it out.

This couple has been inseparable ever since they made their love official. They make it a priority to keep in touch with one another, even when they are busy with their own careers and physically separated by hundreds of miles. McNeill explained, “The way that we stay connected is through FaceTime calls.” We are constantly in touch and converse throughout the day, with the exception of when we are both working and therefore cannot speak.

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