Jamie Erdahl Husband
Jamie Erdahl Husband

Who Is Jamie Erdahl Husband? Do They Have Any Children?

All you sports fans, March Madness has arrived! The 2023 Men’s NCAA Tournament’s First Four began to play on Mar. 14 in Dayton, Ohio, and the rivalry is fiercer than ever.

Jamie Erdahl, a broadcaster for the NFL Network and CBS Sports, is among many who will be covering the most thrilling month in basketball.

Did you know her husband is a massive sports fan — and former athlete? Read on for details about Jamie’s partner, Sam Buckman, and their two daughters, Brooke Marie and Avery.

Who Is Jamie Erdahl’s Husband, Sam Buckman? He Shares His Wife’s Passion For Sports!

After dating for three years, Sam Buckman and Jamie Erdahl married in July 2017. They have two kids, Brooke Marie Buckman and Avery Buckman, and have been married for almost six years.

Born on Dec. 4, 1987, in Mission Viejo, Calif., Sam followed in his wife’s footsteps by pursuing a career in sports. The California native played college football for the University of Michigan, where he starred as the team’s kicker.

Jamie Erdahl Husband

He earned his master’s in the arts from the University of Minnesota after receiving his bachelor’s.

The 35-year-old former football player is employed by Stryker, a Michigan-based company that develops medical technologies. However, he lives in New York City with his wife and kids.

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Do Sam Buckman and Jamie Erdahl Have Any Children? They have two happy children.

On Jul. 10, 2019, Jamie and Sam welcomed their first child — their daughter, Brooke Marie Buckman — to the world. “Our very own Brooke Marie Buckman arrived on her due date like a prompt little champ,” the sports reporter wrote on Instagram at the time. “The most perfect mix of both of us!”

Two years later, their family of three turned into a family of four! In 2021, Jamie gave birth to baby number two — another daughter — Avery Buckman.

“Never found the right time to say we were adding another starter to our ‘girl squad’ so here we are!” the 34-year-old shared on Instagram. “9 long months later – my person/love/personal comedian/rockstar husband and I would like to say: WELCOME to the world sweet Avery Buckman.”

Sam Buckman Is A Proud Papa And Supportive Partner!

The Good Morning Football personality is never afraid to express affection for her hubby online. Jamie gushed on Instagram about Sam’s great parenting and partnering abilities on Father’s Day in 2021.

“You’ll make them laugh, hold them close when they need comfort, make them dinner when hungry, snuggle during movies, and be their whole world all the while,” the Minnesota native wrote.

“Thank you for being a tremendous Dad to our GIRLS but also doing all those things for me too along the way.”

The First Round of the 2023 Men’s NCAA Tournament begins Thursday, Mar. 16.

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