Jason Momoa Weight Gain
Jason Momoa Weight Gain

Jason Momoa Weight Gain: He Got Body-Shamed For Having A ‘Dad Bod’

This week, Jason Momoa’s unflexed abs have become a new target for the Internet’s hate speech and lack of decorum. Commenters began labeling the Aquaman lead’s physique a “dad bod” and enquiring what had happened to his typically muscular body after US Weekly published a photo of him in Venice.

I’m mad. I wouldn’t say I like it when people nag Momoa about not continuously flexing his abs. I’m upset with his supporters for claiming he should be left alone because he has a gorgeous figure and is “on vacation.” And I’m furious that the phrase I use to refer to my own body is now being used to refer to the heaped heaps of muscle that comprise Momoa’s exquisitely carved human flesh.

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Two of Jason Momoa’s holiday companions are people, while six more are cuddled up within his abdomen. The individual is merely attempting to live a life devoid of Photoshop and airbrushing.

He was swiftly defended, thankfully, by the rest of social media, who noted that while Momoa may not have perfect abs, he is far from having a “dad bod.”

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I would know that the work that goes into maintaining a six-pack is impossibly demanding. I read about it once and am still exhausted. But the Game of Thrones star has managed to do it for years, from one fit dude movie role to the next.

Let’s not forget that his diet for Aquaman required his trainer to “observe, and count, and interview, and then have the chef adjust total calories and macros (protein, carbs, and fats) according to what was happening during the day or week.” Also, no alcohol.

The physique Jason Momoa developed for Aquaman was unattainable and extremely tough to maintain. In reality, ordinary people don’t resemble Momoa in Aquaman. His body in this picture goes way beyond what would be called normal.

I encourage Momoa to give himself a natural dad bod if he wants. Start housing some IPAs and throwing back entire pizzas. He’s earned it because their bodies are none of our business.

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