Jason Van Dyke

Jason Van Dyke Release Date Status: Chicago Police Department Cop Convicted in Fatal Shooting of Laquan McDonald to Get Out of Jail Early [Viral News]

3 years ago, a Chicago police officer was arrested for the murder of Laquan McDonald. However, after completing his punishment, Jason Van Dyke will get released from jail soon. 

Jason Van Dyke Release Date

Van Dyke will be set free on 3rd February 2022. He spent three years, three months and nine days of the 81-month sentence, which he was charged with back in 2018. He was arrested according to second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery. The teen who was shot that night was fleeing a Southwest Side intersection on 20th October 2014.

Jason Van Dyke

Laquan McDonald’s uncle was interviewed regarding Van Dyke’s release from jail. He answered: “I’m hoping he’s learned the errors of his ways. I have always asked for justice and not revenge,” Hunter said. “We got as much justice you could get with the players that were there at the time he was on trial. The system needs to be changed. It needs to be overhauled.”

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Why is Van Dyke getting out of jail early? 

Van Dyke was supposed to stay in jail for six years and 9 months. But only after half his punishment is the ex-police officer is getting out due to his good behaviour. The lawyer fighting his case has revealed to the media that Van will lead a private life following his release. He does not want the media to intervene in his life, nor does he want to engage in public meetings.

Moreover, he’ll spend a maximum of two years on parole. And for two years, he’ll have to check in with a parole officer regularly.

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