joe namath net worth
joe namath net worth

Joe Namath Net Worth Early Life, Career And More

Joe Namath Net Worth: Joe Namath, a former NFL quarterback, has announced his retirement. New York Jets and Los Angeles Rams quarterback Joe Namath, better known as “Broadway Joe,” was nicknamed “Broadway Joe.” Joe is regarded as a pop culture icon when he isn’t on the field. He became a talk show host, a publicist, and a well-known actor in the course of his life. Later, he was named the “greatest character” in the NFL.

Joe Namath Early Life

On May 31st, 1943, in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, a boy named Joseph William Namath was born. Joe is the working-class son of parents who raised him in a Catholic home with five other siblings. Namath was raised by his mother following his parents’ divorce. When Joe was in high school, he was able to play football, basketball, and baseball because of his “natural athleticism.”

He was courted by a number of MLB organisations after he graduated from high school in 1961. Despite his mother’s wishes, Namath opted for football in order to attend college. Later, he attended and played for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football programme. Namath served as the Crimson Tide’s starting quarterback from 1962 through 1964. A national title was won in 1964 under his leadership.

NFL Career

Namath was signed by the New York Jets after he was deemed ineligible for the Vietnam War draught because of knee cartilage damage (who then played in the AFL). The nickname “Broadway Joe” was bestowed upon him after he appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1965. Namath was voted the AFL’s Rookie of the Year after his debut year in the league. Despite this, he was plagued with knee problems.


Joe Namath played the game of his life in Super Bowl III, defeating the Baltimore Colts after he had personally guaranteed the victory just a few days earlier. He was named the game’s most valuable player after completing eight passes for 133 yards to just one receiver (George Sauer). Namath was plagued by injuries for the remainder of the season, missing the first time in his career.

In a win over the Colts, Joe threw for 496 yards and another impressive performance. As far as passing in a single game goes, this is widely considered the best example. He was traded to the Los Angeles Rams near the end of his career. Injuries derailed his season, and he announced his retirement at the end of the 1977 campaign.

Joe Namath Salary Highlights

The NFL’s St. Louis Cardinals and the AFL’s New York Jets both selected Joe as a draught pick. He was drafted by the Cardinals at No. 12 and the Jets at No. 1. Joe carefully weighed the two draught options. A $200,000 yearly salary and a brand new Lincoln Continental were among his demands when he spoke with the Cardinals. They were taken aback by his demands, but gave up after insisting that he agree to them in writing before to the Orange Bowl.

Joe was reluctant to sign a professional contract because doing so would have disqualified him from participating in the Bowl game. He played in the Orange Bowl and the following day signed with the Jets. He signed a three-year deal worth $427,000, or $142,000 per year, with the Jets as a rookie. You could sign a $3.5 million contract for $1.16 million per year right now if you wanted. It was another record-breaking deal that he signed in 1975. The Jets offered him a two-year, $900,000 contract. $4.3 million now, or $2.15 million a year, is equivalent to that sum.

Joe Namath Acting Career

Joe Namath’s acting career began in 1969 when he presented the “Joe Namath Show,” but he swiftly evolved into more serious parts in the following years. As a result of his success on stage, he was cast in films like “C.C. and Company.” “The Waverly Wonders” was also a part of his resume before he landed roles on shows like “The Love Boat,” “Married… With Children,” “Here’s Lucy,” “The Brady Bunch,” “The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour,” “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In,” and many others. With parts in animated series like “The Simpsons,” Joe became a well-known voice actor.

joe namath net worth
joe namath net worth

Joe Namath Relationships

For a long time, Joe lived alone. Fortunately for Namath, in 1983, while taking a voice acting class, he met Deborah Mays, an aspiring actor. Despite the fact that he was 19 years older than her, the two married in 1984 and had two children. After the marriage, Joe transformed into a devoted husband and father, but the couple split in 2000.

Joe Namath Alcoholism

Joe had a long history of alcoholism, which he battled for most of his adulthood. During the years following his marriage to Mays, he continued to drink excessively. After Mays informed Joe about the dangers of alcoholism, Joe was able to control his addiction. Joe, on the other hand, relapsed after his divorce in 2000. When Namath started working for EPSN in 2003, he was heavily intoxicated.

The Jets’ All-Time team was meant to be honoured that day, but Joe’s drunken antics took centre stage. When Suzy Kolber asked him a question, he was able to answer it correctly, but then informed the reporter that he was eager to kiss her. In the end, Joe recognised that he had disgraced himself, and he resolved to get treatment for his alcoholism.

Joe Namath Bachelors III

Joe Namath launched Bachelors III, a New York City nightclub, at the Upper East Side in 1969. The club was a huge success and attracted a lot of high-profile visitors. The club, on the other hand, became a favourite hangout for those associated with organised crime. Pete Rozelle, the NGL Commissioner, insisted that Namath surrender his stock in the establishment, but Namath refused. The incident led him to initially declare his retirement, only for him to change his mind and sell all of his stock before returning to work.

Joe Namath Brand Endorsements

Joe Namath made a career out of appearing in advertisements for products like Ovaltine, Noxzema, and Hanes, to name just a few. One million dollars a year from multiple brand partnerships made Joe the highest-paid celebrity spokesperson at the time. Inflation-adjusted, his salary plus endorsements totaled $7 million per year at the time he was making $450,000 per year.

Joe Namath Real Estate

Joe Namath bought a house in New York City’s Upper West Side in 2016 for around $1 million. Since his daughter and her husband were described as buyers, the purchase was likely a gift. Inviting two-story duplex with two bedrooms and a tonne of storage space on the ground floor. On the market for $1.195 million, Namath was selling this home in 2019.

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