Just The Cheese Net Worth
Just The Cheese Net Worth

What Is The Net Worth Of Just The Cheese? Who Is The Founder?

People’s quest for more nutrient-dense daily snacks has led to an increase in the nutritional value of commonplace snacks. Just the Cheese Snacks is a pioneer in the field of nutrient-dense snacking. This is a snack cracker, however instead of using processed cheese, they’ve used actual cheese. Snack lovers now have a low-carbohydrate, high-flavor option for their salty, crunchy cravings.

This provides an additional alternative for those seeking a gluten-free meal. A low-carb diet like the ketogenic diet can also benefit from this product. The company situated in Reeseville, Wisconsin, pledges to use solely Wisconsin cheese in all of its offerings. Founder David Sharfman entered the Shark Tank in order to raise money to expand his business in exchange for a stake in it.

Snacks Containing only Cheese

You Can Only Order a Cheese Bar from This Menu. A 12-Pack of Crunchy Low-Carb Baked Snack Bars Pure, Unadulterated Cheese. High in protein and gluten-free (Grilled Cheese) The crispy, melted cheese that drips from a grilled cheese sandwich into the pan is the best part of the meal. The only thing you’ll get in a snack bar is cheese when you do that! Each bar in our family-owned business is handcrafted by our World Champion Cheesemakers in Reeseville, WI.

Just The Cheese Net Worth
Just The Cheese Net Worth

There is only cheese in our product, and that is it! ‘Just the Cheese’ was founded by David Scharfman, whose father works as a cheesemaker in Wisconsin and whose family has a long cheesemaking heritage. David came up with the idea for ‘Just the Cheese’ when he was just ten years old. He’d always puzzled why the fried cheese on the edges of grilled cheese sandwiches wasn’t possible.

Paul’s father experimented with manufacturing crispy cheese nibbles in the 1970s and 1980s, which became quite popular before dying out. A decade or two later, David and his wife tried a similar cheese snack from a nearby grocery store and were immediately blown away by the quality of his father’s homemade version. With his wife, Connie, he soon left his consulting job and returned to Wisconsin to investigate the idea that would change his life. – After repeated travels with his father, David re-launched the ‘Just the Cheese,’ his childhood favourite.

The Cheese Net Worth

Wow, this is incredible. ‘ In the episode, Greiner revealed that this had happened before. “I got it from Amazon,” remarked one consumer. O’Leary said, “This is so simple!”. Sales numbers were also of relevance to the Sharks. It was 2018 when we officially got started. In the podcast, Scharfman mentions that his company made $3.5 million in sales in its first year of existence.

There are still four months to go in 2019, according to him, “Year to date, we’re at $3.7 million and there are still four months left.” To that end, Scharfman claimed that he and his family had invested around $1 million of their own money into the company. According to Scharfman, each two-bar pack costs roughly 95 cents to make.

To Whom Are Cheese Snacks Appropriate?

When it comes to snacking, it’s hard to go wrong with Just the Cheese Snacks. A cheese flavour that will appeal to all members of the family is a sure bet. This company is dedicated to delivering a healthy alternative in the food sector for those looking for gluten-free snacks. The best part of this snack is that it is made entirely of organic ingredients, making it ideal for those who are trying to limit their carb consumption.


This is a fantastic choice if you’re watching your weight but don’t want to eat anything substantial. Just the Cheese Snacks have helped to make healthy eating more accessible, and as a result, the product’s popularity has skyrocketed.

Just the Cheese Founder

The Scharfman family, famous for their cheesemaking in Wisconsin, is the brains behind Just the Cheese. In 1991, David’s father came up with the idea for the Just the Cheese snack, which he manufactured and successfully sold for several years. In later years, David Scharfman went to the east coast and began working as a consultant as an additional source of income, while he took on the bulk of the company’s work. As sales and demand for the snacks decreased, the brand’s name faded away, and the snacks were no longer manufactured.

Related Post: How Much Money Does Dirty Cookie Have? (Updated) They bought a cheese snack in 2017 and thought it was a superb product that might create plenty of sales. In order to get the production of the cheese snacks back on track, he phoned his father. Upon receiving a good response from David Scharman and his wife, they went to Wisconsin and began the process of renaming the company.

Just the Cheese During Shark Tank

On Shark Tank, David Scharman sought a transaction and a business partner who might help David Scharff scale and distribute the Just the Cheese product line. First, David requested $500,000 and a 5 percent equity ownership for his company. According to this, his company was worth $10 million. The Sharks were impressed with David’s corporate presentation and the samples he gave them.

With sales totals of $3.5 million in 2018 and $3.7 million in the first eight months of 2019, the Sharks were particularly thrilled. A 5% share in the company with a 20-cent royalty per bar was offered by Kevin O’Leary in exchange for $500,000. To secure a 5 percent share in Just the Cheese and a 15-cent royalty per bar, Lori offered $500,000.

With his $500,000 bid, Mark sought to acquire a 15% interest in the business.mMccowngordon is mentioned in a related article. Wikipedia, History, and Awards (Updated) David Scharfman, on the other hand, rejected all of the Sharks’ offers and exited the show without a deal. These offers would significantly lower his cash flow, according to his calculations.

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