Justine Bateman Net Worth
Justine Bateman Net Worth

What Is Justine Bateman Net Worth? How Much Real Estate Does She Own?

On February 19, 1966, Justine Tanya Bateman was born in Rye, New York. Her younger brother Jason Bateman, who also became a well-known actor, was reared with her.

Her mother, Victoria Elizabeth, is a former Pan Am flight attendant from the UK, and her father, Kent Batement, is a well-known film producer and director.

Justine started performing when she was a little girl. She had already committed to a rigid schedule on the “Family Ties” set when preparing to enroll in college.

She was ultimately unable to enroll in college when Paramount Pictures notified her that the terms of her contract would prohibit it.

What is Justine Bateman’s Net Worth?

Justine Bateman, an American actress, writer, and producer, has a $6 million fortune. Throughout her acting career, Bateman has taken part in various roles.

Family Ties, Men Misbehaving, Desperate Housewives, and California are examples. She has also acted in movies including “Satisfaction” and “The TV Set.”

Justine Bateman Net Worth

She is renowned as a filmmaker for works like “Violet,” which had Olivia Munn and Justin Theroux as its stars when it aired in 2021.

She has received praise for her work as a writer and producer for the short film “Five Minutes,” which had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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When Did Justine Bateman Start Her Career?

Today, Justine’s early acting work is still likely what most remember her for. Mallory Keaton played this part in the popular sitcom “Family Ties,” of course.

She played this part between 1982 and 1989. During this time, Bateman gained enormous fame. In 1988, while “Family Ties” was nearing its end, she hosted an episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

She got positive reviews from critics, and for her work on “Family Ties,” she was nominated for two Emmys and a Golden Globe.

For the 1996–1997 season of “Men Behaving Badly,” Justine returned to the television industry. She co-starred as Sarah, Rob Eldard’s girlfriend, with Rob Schneider and Rob Eldard.

After performing in this role, Bateman took a second break before returning to the Showtime miniseries “Out of Order.” She later joined her brother Jason in “Arrested Development’s” third season.

Justine secured regular parts in shows including “Men in Trees,” “Still Standing,” and “Desperate Housewives” during this time.

Justine’s top performance in the movie “Satisfaction” is perhaps the highlight of her filmography. Stars like Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts were also present in the film.

She played the central part and sang the soundtrack’s lead vocals. The movie focused on a girl band.

An Instagram from justinebateman’s official account remarked, “The @60minutes9 Australia segment on being free of the fear of one’s face aging.


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Also, she is recognized for the film “The TV Set” and “The Night We Never Met.” Moreover, Justine has appeared in various theater performances and web series.

Justine has accumulated a lot of other credits away from the camera. “Violet” was the name of her first full-length feature film, where she also served as director.

It made its debut in 2021. She did, however, sell her first script to Disney‘s “Wizards of Waverly Place” much earlier.

Afterward, she produced two books. She has created web series, short films, internet conversation shows, and more. Moreover, Bateman runs a production firm name Section 5.

How Much Real Estate Does Justine Bateman Own?

A house in the Hollywood Hills cost Justine and Mark $1.825 million to purchase in 2003. Their home is currently valued at about $4 million.

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