Katie Van Slyke Net Worth
Katie Van Slyke Net Worth

Katie Van Slyke Net Worth: How Did She Make Her Fortune?

Katie Van Slyke is a 26-year-old TikTok star, singer, hunter, and horsewoman who has amassed a huge following on social media. She posts videos about running a farm, caring for animals, and hunting. Her most viewed videos are of the baby animals she takes care of.

She also collaborates with GrooveLife, which produces silicone rings, watch bands, and belts for active lifestyles. In this article, we will explore Katie Van Slyke’s net worth, sources of income, and lifestyle.

Katie Van Slyke Net Worth

Katie Van Slyke’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million as of 2023. She earns money from various sources, such as sponsorships, endorsements, merchandise sales, horse breeding, and hunting. She works with brands GrooveLife, Huntwise, Realtree Outdoors, Mossy Oak, and HuntStand.

She also sells her products on her website, such as hats, shirts, stickers, and calendars. She owns several horses, some related to the Superhorse Snap Crackle Pop. She also owns a house across the street from the farm she grew up on with her husband, Jonathan.

Sources of Income

According to various online sources, Katie Van Slyke’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million as of 2023. She earns money from multiple sources, such as:

TikTok: Katie Van Slyke has over 2.7M followers and over 167.6M likes on her TikTok account [@katievanslyke]. She posts videos about her farm life, hunting adventures, singing covers, and more. She earns money from TikTok through sponsorships, ads, and live streams.

Instagram: Katie Van Slyke has over 582K followers on her Instagram account [@katievanslyke]. She posts photos and videos of her horses, dogs, hunting trips, and family. She earns money from Instagram through sponsorships, ads, and collaborations.

YouTube: Katie Van Slyke has over 153K subscribers on her YouTube channel [@katievanslykelife]. She uploads videos of her hunting trips, farm tours, music covers, and vlogs. She earns money from YouTube through ads, donations, and merchandise sales.

GrooveLife: Katie Van Slyke collaborates with GrooveLife, which creates silicone rings, watch bands, and belts for active lifestyles. She designs her collection of products with GrooveLife and earns a commission from every sale. She also promotes GrooveLife products on her social media platforms and website.

Music: Katie Van Slyke is a talented singer who covers popular songs and writes her original music. She has released several singles on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. She earns money from music through royalties, streams, downloads, and performances.

Katie Van Slyke Music Career

Katie Van Slyke started singing when she was only four years old. She grew up listening to country music and was influenced by artists like Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Taylor Swift. She learned to play guitar when she was 12 and began writing her songs. She participated in various talent shows and competitions throughout her school years and won several awards.

Katie Van Slyke decided to pursue music as a hobby rather than a career because she wanted more freedom and flexibility. She said in a Facebook video that she did not want to sign a contract with a record label or move to Nashville because she loved her farm life and hunting lifestyle. She also said that she wanted to make music for herself and her fans, not for the industry.

Katie Van Slyke created her YouTube channel [Katie Van Slyke] 2016 and began uploading videos of her singing covers and original songs. She also posted some of her videos on her TikTok account [@katievanslyke], where she gained more exposure and popularity. She has over 153k subscribers on YouTube and over 2.7 million followers on TikTok as of 2023.

Katie Van Slyke released her first single, “I’m Not Your Girl,” in 2019, a catchy country-pop song about rejecting a guy who was not good enough for her. The song received positive feedback from her fans and was streamed over 100k times on Spotify. She followed up with another single, “You’re the Reason,” in 2020, a romantic ballad dedicated to her husband, Jonathan Mabry.

Katie Van Slyke collaborated with GrooveLife, a company that produces silicone rings, watch bands, and belts for active lifestyles, in 2021. She designed her collection of products with GrooveLife and also wrote a song for them called “Groove With You”. The song was featured in a GrooveLife product commercial and released as a single on streaming platforms.

Katie Van Slyke continued to release more singles in 2022 and 2023, such as “Wildflower”, “Home”, “Huntin’ Season”, and “Farm Girl”. Her songs reflected her personality, values, and experiences. Her songs were upbeat, catchy, and relatable. Her fans loved her music and supported her career.

Katie Van Slyke shared a post on Instagram:

Where Does Katie Van Slyke Live?

Katie Van Slyke lives across the street from the farm she grew up on with her parents. The farm is located in Nolensville, a Williamson County, Tennessee town. She lives in a cozy house with her husband, Jonathan Mabry, whom she married in 2021. They have a beautiful backyard with a fire pit, a hammock, and a swing.

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What Animals Does Katie Van Slyke Have on Her Farm?

Katie Van Slyke has several animals on her farm, such as horses, dogs, chickens, goats, pigs, and cows. She loves all of her animals and treats them like family. She posts videos of the baby animals she cares for on her TikTok account [@katievanslyke], which are very popular among her fans. Some of the names of her animals are:

  • Horses: She has four Quarter horses: Dixie, Lola, Lilly, and Romeo. She breeds them and shows them on the AQHA circuit. She also has a mini horse named Buddy.
  • Dogs: She has three dogs: Remi, Ruger, and Ryder. They are all hunting dogs and accompany her on her hunting trips. They are also very friendly and playful.
  • Chickens: She has about 20 chickens that lay fresh eggs every day. She also hatches some of the eggs and raises the chicks.
  • Goats: She has two goats: Billy and Bob. They are very naughty and like to escape from their pen.
  • Pigs: She has two pigs: Porky and Petunia. They are very smart and love to eat.
  • Cows: She has two cows: Bessie and Buttercup. They provide milk and meat for her family.

What Kind of Hunting Does Katie Van Slyke Do?

Katie Van Slyke is an avid hunter who hunts different kinds of game, such as deer, turkey, duck, dove, quail, and more. She hunts both in and out of state, depending on the season and the game’s availability. She uses various weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, bows, and crossbows. She also uses hunting dogs to help her track and retrieve the game.

Katie Van Slyke hunts for several reasons: to provide food for her family, to manage the wildlife population, to conserve the habitat, to enjoy the outdoors, and to challenge herself. She respects the animals she hunts and follows the ethical rules of hunting. She also processes the meat herself and cooks delicious dishes with it.

Katie Van Slyke shares her hunting adventures on her social media platforms and website [www.katievanslyke.net]. She posts photos and videos of her hunting trips, tips, gear, recipes, and more. She also collaborates with GrooveLife and designs her collection of hunting-themed products.


Katie Van Slyke’s journey from a TikTok sensation to a multi-faceted influencer and entrepreneur is a testament to her versatile talents and undeniable charisma. With a net worth estimated at around $1 million as of 2023, her success results from her dedication to sharing her authentic life with her followers and leveraging her passions into various income streams.

Through her captivating TikTok videos, engaging Instagram posts, and insightful YouTube content, Katie has captured the hearts of millions, showcasing her farm life, hunting escapades, musical talents, and genuine love for animals. Her ability to connect with her audience on these platforms has bolstered her financial prosperity and solidified her status as a role model for those who aspire to blend their passions with a thriving online presence.

Katie’s partnership with GrooveLife is a shining example of her entrepreneurial acumen, as she collaborates with the brand to create products that resonate with her active and outdoorsy lifestyle. This venture adds to her income and showcases her keen sense of style and creativity.

Moreover, her prowess as a singer and musician adds another dimension to her diverse portfolio. She enriches her artistic expression by producing original music and covers that resonate with her audience and secures additional revenue streams through streaming platforms and performances.

As she continues to inspire, entertain, and educate through her various platforms, Katie Van Slyke exemplifies the modern digital influencer who has harnessed the power of social media to craft a life that intertwines her passions with financial success. Her journey remains a symbolic story of how authenticity, hard work, and innovation can turn a young individual into a true icon of the digital age.

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