Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Release Date Status
Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Release Date

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Gameplay And Synopsis

Kingdom Hearts [chi], the eighth game in the Kingdom Hearts series, is a Japanese role-playing browser game developed by Square Enix, BitGroove, and Success and published by Square Enix. Players take control of a Disney-inspired avatar and fight their way through landscapes full of foes and bosses in online contests against other teams. Unchained was published in Japan in September 2015, and worldwide in 2016 as the ninth instalment of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts Union [Cross] was the new name given to Unchained X in April 2017. With the release of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, the series’ thirteenth instalment, the game was renamed Kingdom Hearts Union Dark Road in June 2020. Within Union, the Dark Road can be visited. According to an announcement made back in February 2021, Kingdom Hearts Union Dark Road will no longer be able to connect to the internet starting in May 2021, with Dark Road following suit in August 2022. 

Prequel to the Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts takes place hundreds of years earlier. In the original Kingdom Hearts, the Keyblade War ushered in the current structure of the universe. One of five factions, commanded by Keyblade Masters, fights for control of the world’s limited supply of light, which is the player’s responsibility.

Following on from the events of Kingdom Hearts, Union tells a fresh story that takes place after the events of the first game. The story of this game is intertwined with that of Kingdom Hearts III. The -blade, a key weapon in the series’ narrative arc, is referenced in the title. Kingdom Hearts Dark Road delves into the past of series villain Xehanort to reveal how he came to be what he is now.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Gameplay And Synopsis

Unlike the other Kingdom Hearts games, this one takes place in a realm named Daybreak Town in the distant past. A tragedy caused by a dispute between Keyblade wielders over the light that created the universe causes the world to be remade into that seen in the rest of the Kingdom Hearts series at the beginning of this game. Six Keyblade Master apprentices were given a Book of Prophecies by an unknown precognizant Keyblade Master before the conflict,

who went by the name Master of Masters. The five Foretellers learn about a prophecy foretelling the end of the world from the book, which has the power to manifest items and people from the future. By using the power of their books to create future worlds and vanquish the Heartless infesting them, Foretellers gather fragments of light, known as Lux.

Ira heads the Unicornis “Union”; Gula leads the Leopardus “Union”; Ava leads the Vulpes “Union”; and Aced leads the Ursus “Union,” all based on their respective animal icons. An awakened Keyblade wielder makes a decision to support one of the Unions and works to assure the dominance of the chosen group in the war to come.

For the Book of Prophecies, the future realms include Dwarf Woodlands; Agrabah; Wonderland; Olympus Coliseum; Beast’s Castle; and Olympus, where Hercules fought (Beauty and the Beast). Taking set in an alternate data worldline after the events of Kingdom Hearts, the player must relive the past in order to forget the Keyblade War. Having lost the Book of Prophecies’ potency without the Master or Foretellers present,

the Keyblade wielders instead travel virtual datascapes modelled on Disney worlds. A new tale, Union, takes over midway through what starts out as an exact rehash of the original Unchained. Players establish a new team with four other Keyblade wielders, who become friends, while a new group of union leaders must deal with new formless, sentient embodiments of evil in the new storylines.


The story of Kingdom Hearts has been expanded and the storyline has been continued following the events of the Keyblade War through game updates that do not include the player. In addition to returning worlds Castle of Dreams (Cinderella) and Enchanted Dominion, all the worlds from Kingdom Hearts reappeared (Sleeping Beauty). Game Central Station, a new world, is also introduced in the game (Wreck-It Ralph).

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Synopsis

A world called Daybreak Town in the distant past is the setting for Kingdom Hearts. Rather than taking place during the legendary Keyblade War, the game is set before it, in a world that was fundamentally altered by a catastrophe brought on by disagreements between keyblade wielders over the light that gave rise to it all. [7] The Master of Masters bestows a Book of Prophecies to five of his six apprentices, the Foretellers, before disappearing.

As a result, the five Foretellers learn of a prophecy foretelling the world’s demise from the book’s ability to manifest objects and people from a future time. When the Heartless infest them, the Foretellers use their books to manifest future worlds and defeat the Heartless. In each of the Foretellers’ Unions, the Foreteller is in charge of a different animal. Unicornis is governed by Ira; Anguis by Invi; Leopardus by Gula; Vulpes by Ava; and Ursus by Aced.

Once awakened as an apprentice of the Keyblade Master, the player character has a choice between the Unions and works to ensure the chosen faction’s dominance. Dwarf Woodlands (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Agrabah (from Aladdin), Wonderland (from Alice in Wonderland), the Coliseum of Hercules (from Hercules), and Beast’s Castle (from Hercules) are among the worlds that the Book of Prophecies will create in the future (Beauty and the Beast).

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