Kirby Dream Buffet
Kirby Dream Buffet

Kirby Dream Buffet Release Date Status: Confirmation Or Cancellation!

There is now a pre-order option for Kirby Dream Buffet, and the game will be released on the date that was previously announced. The July unveiling of Kirby’s Dream Buffet came as a complete shock to the franchise’s devoted fanbase.

Friends compete to see who can consume the most food, who can grow the biggest, and who can accomplish the most challenges alluding to in this vibrant Kirby game that features minigames galore.

But Nintendo didn’t announce a release date until much later. The developers, however, have promised a release in “Summer 2022.” A release date for Kirby Dream Buffet has finally been announced, so fans can start making plans.

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Kirby Dream Buffet Gameplay And Plot

Most of the tweets praising the announcement video compared it to Fall Guys. Party game Kirby Dream Buffet features up to four players racing through an obstacle course while dodging traps and completing mini-challenges. Nintendo claims that anyone, regardless of gaming experience, will be able to pick up and enjoy the game.

There are three different ways to experience Kirby’s Dream Buffet. To begin, you and your friends must race to the top of a tall cake that is littered with bonuses and dangers. Despite the obvious parallel to Fall Guys, Kirby’s Dream Buffet appears to be a far less ruthless competition, consistent with the character’s always the upbeat demeanor.

In the sequel, your goal is to amass a sufficient supply of strawberries across a number of levels without letting your rivals do the same. Ultimately, you enter a winner-take-all battle royale reminiscent of Kirby. You can exert additional pressure on your companions proportionally to the number of strawberries you have harvested.

When you knock an opponent off the stage, you get to steal their strawberries. That Kirby that managed to consume the greatest quantity of strawberries is the winner. As a Kirby spin, everything is quite cute. If you want to win the race, you’ll have to navigate your way up a mountain of food by bouncing on fried eggs, evading ice cream cones, and skating on whipped cream.

Obviously, as this is a Kirby game, there are chances to absorb abilities. It’s not accomplished by swallowing bad guys, but rather by gathering up rare foods. You can pick up abilities that increase your speed, allow you to jump higher, and increase your overall mobility as the game progresses.

Some of your skills are spiced up for the battle royale mode, allowing you to stun or even push enemies around the arena. As you collect strawberries during matches, you’ll progress toward cosmetic goals afterward. Kirby’s wardrobe is stuffed with wacky and fantastical hats, such as those shaped like hamburgers and cars.

As an added bonus, there are several cookie-themed starting platforms to unlock for the competition. You can progress through additional stages in Kirby’s Dream Buffet if you acquire more strawberries overall.

Kirby Dream Buffet Playable Characters

Kirby’s Dream Buffet puts you in charge of several different hued Kirbys, from green to pink to blue. We don’t know if more playable characters will be unlocked in-game or not, but you can also choose to play as Waddle Dee and Bandana Waddle Dee.

Kirby Dream Buffet Release Date

Kirby Dream Buffet Release Date
Kirby Dream Buffet Release Date

A release date for Kirby Dream Buffet on the Switch eShop has not been set, however, it was just revealed very recently. What we’ve seen so far suggests a mix of Fall Guys and Kirby in the gameplay. Each round, you and a group of other Kirbys (Kirbs?) compete to see who can consume the most food and advance to the next.

In terms of concrete information, that is all we have thus far. A release date and pricing have not been announced, but the game will launch exclusively on the Nintendo eShop in the summer of 2022 and will feature online play.

On this coming Wednesday, August 17th, Kirby will be hosting his Dream Buffet. At a performance today, Nintendo confirmed the news and said the game would have four stages.

Kirby Dream Buffet Trailer

The announcement trailer for Kirby Dream Buffet demonstrates that Kirby and his friends can roll across levels themed after sweets and use their special talents to race to the finish line first.

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