laya deleon hayes
laya deleon hayes

Family Matters: Laya DeLeon Hayes’ Parents Gina and Kevin in Her Rise to Stardom

Laya DeLeon Hayes’ parents, Gina DeLeon and Kevin Hayes, played a crucial role in her success as an actress. Initially residing in Charlotte, NC, the couple decided to relocate to California to support their daughter’s acting career. Kevin, a former football quarterback, and Gina, with Filipino heritage, sacrificed significantly for Laya’s dreams.

A Star is Born: Laya’s Early Beginnings and Passion for Acting

From age five, Laya DeLeon Hayes discovered her passion for performing arts. She indulged in dancing, singing, and acting, nurturing her talent and ambition. Her early exposure to the entertainment world fueled her desire to pursue acting professionally.

The Equalizer: Laya’s Breakthrough Role

Laya’s breakthrough came with her portrayal of Delilah in the CBS hit show, The Equalizer. In the series, she plays the daughter of the protagonist Robyn McCall, portrayed by Queen Latifah. The show boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Liza Lapira, Lorraine Toussaint, Tory Kittles, Adam Goldberg, and Chris Noth.

A Versatile Career: From Video Games to TV Shows

Before making her mark on television, Laya began her career voicing the character Rell in the popular video game League of Legends. Her talents eventually caught the attention of TV producers, leading to her first significant TV role as Taryn Davis in Grey’s Anatomy.

A Prolific Portfolio: Acting in Various TV Shows and Movies

Over nearly 15 years, Laya DeLeon Hayes has established an impressive acting portfolio, appearing in 24 TV shows and movies. Some of her notable roles include Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny, Code Black, Game Shakers, and The Thundermans, among others.

A Multicultural Heritage: Embracing Diversity

Laya’s parents, Gina and Kevin, come from diverse backgrounds, with Gina being of Filipino descent and Kevin being African-American. This multicultural heritage has enriched Laya’s life and identity, inspiring her to embrace diversity in her career and personal journey.

Kevin Hayes: The Supportive Father and Former Football Player

Laya’s father, Kevin Hayes, hails from Camden, New Jersey, and has a background in football. He once played as a wide receiver for the championship football team of Camden High School in 1990. After completing high school, Kevin started his career as a coordinator at Georgia Southern University.

Subsequently, he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he worked for the Carolina Panthers and Michelin Tires.

CEO of LDH Talent, Inc: Managing Laya’s Ascent to Success

Kevin’s dedication to his daughter’s career is evident through his role as the CEO of LDH Talent, Inc. The talent agency primarily manages Laya DeLeon Hayes’ flourishing career, ensuring she receives the best opportunities and support in the entertainment industry.

A Close-Knit Family: Laya, Gina, and Kevin’s Journey Together

The Hayes family’s journey together reflects the bond of love, support, and determination. Laya DeLeon Hayes’ talent and passion, coupled with the unwavering encouragement of her parents, have propelled her toward stardom. Gina and Kevin’s belief in their daughter’s potential led them to make life-changing choices, fostering an environment where Laya could thrive as an actress and embrace her unique heritage.

Laya DeLeon Hayes: An Inspiration to Aspiring Actors

As Laya DeLeon Hayes continues to shine in her acting career, she inspires aspiring actors worldwide. Her journey from a young performer to a TV star highlights the power of determination, family support, and a passion for one’s craft.

With each role she undertakes, Laya leaves an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, driven by the love and sacrifices of her supportive parents, Gina DeLeon and Kevin Hayes.

Cleofe Basconcillo DeLeon: Gina’s Mother with a Rich Filipino Background

Gina Deleon Hayes’ mother, Cleofe Basconcillo DeLeon, was born to Cleofe Basconcillo DeLeon and Virginio Tandoc DeLeon. Cleofe’s parents originally hailed from the province of Pangasinan in the Philippines, with Virginio from Mangaldan and Cleofre from Umingan.

The Move to the US: Embracing New Beginnings

In 1970, Cleofe’s family decided to move from the Philippines to the United States. This move began a new chapter as they embraced the opportunities and challenges of living in a new country.

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A Social Media Presence: Gina Deleon Hayes on Instagram

Gina Deleon Hayes, daughter of Cleofe, has made a name for herself on social media. With over 4.5k followers on Instagram, she shares glimpses of her life and experiences with her virtual community. Her Instagram handle, @ginadeleonhayes, is a platform where she has posted over 5.7k times, connecting with her followers through her posts.

Meet Cleofe DeLeon: A Nurse and Loving Grandmother

Cleofe Basconcillo DeLeon, a caring and dedicated individual, pursued a career in nursing after moving to the US. She was a registered nurse at the Presbyterian Hospital, providing compassionate patient care.

A Life of Love: Cleofe and Virginio’s Journey

Cleofe’s path crossed with her husband, Virginio Tandoc DeLeon, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The couple’s love story blossomed, and they exchanged vows in 1973. Together, they embarked on a journey that spanned nearly 48 years, filled with love, devotion, and cherished memories.

Virginio Tandoc DeLeon: A Career in the US Navy

Virginio Tandoc DeLeon served his country as a member of the US Navy for two decades. During his time in the Navy, he worked as an Electric Tactical Warfare Technician, dedicating himself to his role with utmost commitment. 1979 he retired from the Navy, culminating in a distinguished career.

A Shift to Engineering: Virginio’s Post-Retirement Pursuits

Following his retirement from the Navy, Virginio Tandoc DeLeon transitioned into engineering. He first worked as a Field Service Engineer, applying his skills and expertise to new challenges. Later, he continued his journey as a technician, demonstrating his versatility and adaptability in his chosen field.

A Close-Knit Family: Cleofe and Virginio’s Daughters

Cleofe and Virginio’s love and partnership brought forth two daughters: Gina DeLeon Hayes and Lorelei Propst. Their family bonds were strengthened over the years, creating a tight-knit and supportive unit.

Lorelei Propst: Cleofe’s Younger Daughter and Loving Aunt

Cleofe’s younger daughter, Lorelei Propst, is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is married to David Propst and is a proud mother of two daughters. Lorelei’s role as a loving aunt to Gina’s children adds to the warmth and closeness within the family.

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Continuing a Legacy of Love

Cleofe Basconcillo DeLeon and Virginio Tandoc DeLeon established a legacy of love, resilience, and family bonds. Their journey from the Philippines to the United States symbolizes pursuing new opportunities and embracing diverse cultures. As Gina Deleon Hayes and Lorelei Propst carry forward this legacy, they embody the values of their parents, fostering love, unity, and Filipino heritage in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laya DeLeon Hayes and Her Family

1. Who are Laya DeLeon Hayes’ parents?

Laya DeLeon Hayes’ parents are Gina DeLeon and Kevin Hayes.

2. What are Gina DeLeon and Kevin Hayes known for?

Gina DeLeon and Kevin Hayes are known for their instrumental role in supporting Laya’s successful acting career.

3. Where did Gina and Kevin originally reside before moving to California?

Gina and Kevin initially lived in Charlotte, NC, before relocating to California to support Laya’s acting aspirations.

4. What is Laya DeLeon Hayes’ breakthrough role?

Laya’s breakthrough role came as Delilah in the CBS hit show, The Equalizer, where she played the daughter of the protagonist Robyn McCall (played by Queen Latifah).

5. What other TV shows and movies have Laya DeLeon Hayes appeared in?

Laya has an impressive acting portfolio, appearing in 24 TV shows and movies, including Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny, Code Black, Game Shakers, and The Thundermans.

6. What is Laya’s multicultural heritage?

Laya comes from a multicultural heritage, with her mother, Gina, of Filipino descent, and her father, Kevin, African-American.

7. What is Kevin Hayes’ background?

Kevin Hayes is a former football quarterback from Camden, New Jersey, and he once played as a wide receiver for the championship football team of Camden High School in 1990.

8. What is Kevin’s role in Laya’s career?

Kevin plays a vital role in Laya’s career as the CEO of LDH Talent, Inc, managing his daughter’s flourishing career in the entertainment industry.

9. Who are Laya DeLeon Hayes’ grandparents?

Laya’s maternal grandparents are Cleofe Basconcillo DeLeon and Virginio Tandoc DeLeon.

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