Lil Durk And India Break Up
Lil Durk And India Break Up

Lil Durk And India Break Up: His Years-Long On-And-Off Relationship Has Come To An End

Lil Durk and India Royale are two names that have been, for better or worse, linked to one another for the more significant part of the last five years.

It may be challenging to keep up with who is dating whom in the hip-hop industry. Years of intermittent dating between the two have resulted in a proposal and a child, but their love affair is over (again).

Lil Durk and India are indeed no longer together, but what happened? What led to Lil Durk and India’s split? For all of the information that is currently known, keep reading.

Why Did Lil Durk And India Royale Break Up?

Lil Durk And India Break Up

It seems that issues in Lil Durk and India’s marriage first came to light in front of the public in September 2022. Rumors were circulating at the time that the two had broken up, with adultery cited as the cause.

Lil Durk appeared to dispel the breakup allegations when he said in an Instagram story that has since expired: “That [cat emoji] mines 4ever welcome to death jail b***h.” But the rumors have never been proven, and Lil Durk didn’t specifically address the split then.

Less than an hour later, India shared her Instagram story, which had now expired with just a cap emoji, implying that Lil Durk was lying when he claimed to still be a part of her life. The celebrity showed she was done with the rapper by unfollowing him on social media.

India tweeted on September 11, 2022, stating she is a “free agent.”

After a few months of silence, Lil Durk wrote on his Instagram story on Valentine’s Day 2023: “Happy Valentine’s Day to the wonderful woman that made me a man. I love you, @indiaroyale.”

India, however, tweeted that she was not too pleased with his remarks. “People do not respect boundaries at all. I try my best to be respectful and not put on a show but people don’t respect my choices. Let it go.”

On March 11, 2023, the rapper returned and added, “I want one more son, then I’m done,” along with a smiley face emoji.“IDK when or how, but I do.”

Supporters believed Lil Durk had expressed a desire for a second child with India, but the next day, she reiterated on Twitter that she is, and has been, single.

India has clarified that she is over with Lil Durk, but it doesn’t appear he is giving up yet. He posted a video of a fight from earlier that day with the message, “Catch y’all in her comments, ima crush their jaws,” to his Instagram story.

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The next day, in honor of India’s birthday, Lil Durk posted what might have been his most extended message about her to his Instagram story. He responded to India’s haters there by writing, “She not dumb,” and then explained how their relationship ended.

“I f—ed up. She played a small part. She is a good girl who lives [s] life. I am a good guy, good husband,” he shared. “I just never listened to her pain back when she was pregnant with Willow in the belly.”

Speaking to India directly, he wrote, “So, I ain’t perfect. But I am perfect for you. I love you and am all ears whenever we get back into a relationship. You saved my life with you, Willow, and big Sky; you were there out of all my kids. Don’t attack her. She is the best in the world. I didn’t do her wrong. I just kept her from the world.”

The Chicago MC’s most recent impassioned admission was unanswered by India.

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