Lizzie Borden Crime Scene Photos

Lizzie Borden Crime Scene Photos: Her M*rder Trial A Detailed Breakdown!

Lizzie Borden Crime Scene Photos: A simple Queen Anne Victorian mansion on a peaceful street in Fall River, Massachusetts, is home to a horrifying past that shook the foundations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1892.

There isn’t a single person alive today who hasn’t heard of Lizzie Borden or the gruesome tale surrounding her family, just like the residents of Fall River in those days. The home of Lizzie Borden, the Borden family, and the shocking k*llings are all covered in detail here.

Lizzie Borden M*rders: A Detailed Breakdown

On August 4, 1892, a regular Thursday, Andrew Borden and his wife sat down and had breakfast served to them by their maid, Bridget Sullivan, before Mr. Borden left his home to attend to business matters at about nine o’clock. Lizzie slept in during breakfast and waited until her uncle John Morse had left the house before going downstairs.

The day before, John surprised the family with a visit and spent the night with the Bordens. Since Emma Borden was away visiting friends then, Lizzie, Abby, and Bridget Sullivan were the only people still living there.

Lizzie Borden Crime Scene Photos

Abby, Andrew’s wife, went upstairs after her husband left to clean the guest room where Morse had slept the night before. She had no idea this would be the room where she would pass away. Lizzie greeted Andrew when he arrived home after being let in by Sullivan. She informed him that Mrs. Borden had left the house after learning that one of her friends had become ill.

After quickly going upstairs to his room, Mr. Borden returned downstairs and sat on the sofa in the living room to take a quick nap. Sullivan claimed that as Andrew slept, she went to rest after throwing up that morning, thinking she might have caught the virus that had suddenly swept through the family a few days earlier.

Bridget Sullivan testified that she didn’t awaken until she heard Lizzie screaming that her father was dead. Andrew Borden was discovered in the same spot where he had taken a nap, completely covered in bl*od and with his face disfigured.

Lizzie persisted in saying her mother-in-law had left the house. She added that she thought the couple had been poisoned a few days earlier through the milk they drank.

When Sullivan went upstairs to look for Abby after returning to the crime scene to fetch the local doctor, he found the second horrifying scene: Abby Borden lying face down in a pool of bl*od on the floor.

Further examination of the bodies revealed that Abby Borden (who was probably k*lled first because the bl*od around her body was already congealed and dark when discovered) had been struck with a hatchet 19 times. Andrew Borden had been struck 11 times. No poison was ever found in either victim’s stomach.

Before the focus turned to Lizzie, there were many ideas and suspects. Despite the absence of concrete proof linking Lizzie to the k*llings, nobody else had continuous access to the residence during the m*rderous period.

Lizzie also claimed that the letter Abby Borden reportedly got the morning of the k*llings had been inadvertently destroyed. However, it was discovered that Lizzie had attempted to buy prussic acid, better known as cyanide, from a neighboring medicine store the day before the k*llings.

To make matters worse, Lizzie’s friend Alice Russell subsequently claimed to have seen Lizzie burn one of her outfits on her home’s stove. Lizzie explained that the clothing was ruined and no longer suitable for wearing when questioned about why she was burning it. It was the last bit of information that resulted in Borden’s arrest.

Lizzie Borden Crime Scene Photos

Even by today’s standards, the crime scene images of Mr. Borden’s bl*od-spattered body and disfigured face and the manifestation of Abby Borden lying face down in her bl*od are horrifying and impossible to look at.

Despite this, spooky enthusiasts and ghost seekers alike continue to visit the crime scene for a tour and the chance to take pictures on a duplicate sofa that remarkably resembles the one where Andrew Borden perished.

Lizzie Borden M*rder Trial

Newspapers from throughout the nation followed the case during the 14-day trial. Every day the courtroom was filled with reporters from New York and Boston to observe the proceedings. Lizzie Borden Crime Scene Photos

Despite not offering any testimony during her trial, Lizzie Borden’s behavior in the courtroom and her fainting condition after seeing her father’s fractured skull raised some legitimate questions in the minds of observers.

According to Borden’s attorney, whoever caused such horrifying harm to the victims would have been covered in bl*od, which would have been too upsetting for Borden to bear.

Additionally, the defense presented eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen Lizzie leave the barn at the time of the m*rders (Lizzie claimed this was where she had been when the m*rders were committed).

Lizzie Borden was declared innocent of all accusations on June 19, 1892, because there was no solid evidence to support a prosecution. After receiving their father’s wealth, Lizzie and her sister bought a house in a more affluent area of Fall River.

Even now, theories about what transpired that morning in August are still a hot topic. Over time, a lot of theories have developed. Some of them believed that Mr. Borden’s son William, who was not his biological child, was the m*rderer.

In contrast, others thought that Emma and Lizzie may have planned the m*rder of their parents, with Lizzie carrying it out, or that Lizzie’s uncle was responsible.

There was also talk that Sullivan assisted Lizzie in covering up the fact that she had k*lled her parents to conceal a purported romantic relationship with Sullivan, which Abby may have found out about on the day of the m*rder.

Lizzie Borden supposedly m*rdered Andrew and Abby Borden for several reasons, including greed, sex, incest, and abuse. However, the question of why the k*llings took place and who played a role in executing them will remain unresolved. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get the recent updates.

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