Long Island Dad To Sue School District After Video
Long Island Dad To Sue School District After Video

Long Island Dad To Sue School District After Video!

The father of a Long Island high school student who was battered in a school corridor attack in a video released online has announced preparations to sue the district because it did not do enough to safeguard his daughter.

On March 17, an attack took place inside Central Islip High School. A cellphone video of the incident was born and later posted on social media.

An older student is shown in the video throwing a 14-year-old girl to the ground before striking her in the face. The youngster tries to flee down the hallway, but the attacker keeps hitting her.

The girl’s father claimed to have first seen the incident’s footage online.

“When I saw the video on social media, I was even more infuriated because I noticed my daughter didn’t have any help,” said Ezra Hoyte. “You can see her — disoriented, looking for help, running around the corner. So I was sad and upset.”

The attack, which Hoyte described as being unprovoked, left the teen with minor injuries, according to Suffolk County police. The 14-year-old suspected attacker was detained for assault, according to the police.

Hoyte claimed that his daughter hadn’t returned to school and might never do so because of the violent incident.

“Emotionally, she’s just like, just distraught,” the father said.

The father of two is now preparing a $2 million lawsuit against Central Islip schools, alleging negligence on their part for not intervening to halt or prevent the assault.

Long Island Dad To Sue School District After Video

“I just want her to be protected and stricter judgment for these kids, so it won’t happen,” he said Wednesday. “I can’t be there to protect her, and that’s why I’m kind of afraid, and she’s afraid to go back to school.”

Invoking the ongoing litigation, Central Islip schools declined to comment on the incident. Nonetheless, the district said in a statement that it “seeks to avoid the consequences of student altercations by proactive approaches to establishing a school climate free of physical engagements.”

Asserting that “for the most part, they are very, very on top of everything,” another parent echoed the district’s assertion and claimed that the fight shown on camera was an isolated incident.

According to a senior, the number of fights at the high school has significantly decreased. Hoyte, who claimed that his daughter should have been shielded from what happened, finds no solace.

“I was expecting her to be protected when she goes to school, so there’s no reason why this happens,” said Hoyte.

Two days have passed since smartphone footage of social media captured the aftermath of a possible jealousy-related stabbing between two guys inside Lindenhurst Middle School.

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The incident wasn’t all that shocking, according to parents at that school, who blamed it on the school’s culture of physical violence and cyberbullying that administrators had neglected to confront.

The stabbing, according to Lindenhurst officials, was a singular act. The superintendent of Lindenhurst previously stated that the school’s “safety and security is a major priority.”

It also follows allegations of bullying from a high school in New Jersey. Like the attack in Central Islip, a video of a Central Regional High School event in Berkeley Township shows numerous students savagely hitting a 14-year-old student as she walked with her boyfriend in a school hallway.

Adiana Kuch, the accused victim, committed suicide at home shortly after the alleged bullying incident in early February.

Since then, further bullying claims have been made at the school as parents and kids have expressed dissatisfaction. The district superintendent’s resignation resulted from the incidents and public uproar.

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