Lori Anne Allison 2022
Lori Anne Allison 2022

Lori Anne Allison First Wife of Johnny Depp What She Doing in 2022?

Lori Anne Allison, formerly married to Hollywood star Johnny Depp, is also a successful businesswoman and renowned make-up artist. Lori moved to Los Angeles to pursue her lifelong passion of working in the cosmetics industry. She had friends and contacts in the industry who encouraged her to get into the field she had chosen. Johnny remarried after his first marriage ended in divorce, this time to Amber, 34, and the couple has since had a number of arguments about who is responsible for cleaning up the faeces in the marital bed.

Is Lori Anne Allison not alive? Ex-Spouse of Johnny Depp

Maybe you heard that Lori Anne Allison, Jonny Depp’s ex-wife, shouldn’t be alive. She’s still around, healthy as ever, and living life to the fullest by fulfilling her ambition of being a professional makeup artist. Depp married make-up artist Lori Anne Allison, who was also a native of South Florida, in a traditional ceremony on December 20, 1983.

According to popular belief, Johnny, who was only 20 at the time, and his wife, who was 25 at the time, met through her sister, who was dating one of Johnny’s fellow musicians. Johnny took a job in telemarketing selling promotional and custom pens to clients as the business struggled to fill slots. His professional success unfortunately led to the demise of his marriage, and he and his wife filed for divorce after only two years of marriage.

Lori, on the other hand, has worked alongside such A-listers as Adam Ant and Christina Applegate while keeping the Depp surname she was born with. After the death of his mother Betty Sue in 2016, she allegedly kept in touch with her ex and called him to express her condolences.

Lori Anne Allison’s Age

Lori Anne Allison 2022
Lori Anne Allison 2022

As of this writing, Lori Anne Allison has been around for 64 years, having been born on September 6th, 1957. Lori’s dreams of becoming a music producer were dashed, and she instead began focusing on another passion: makeup. In Los Angeles, where she had business connections, she set up shop right away.

Lori Anne Allison’s kids and husband

Lori Anne Allison divorced Jonny Depp and then vanished from public view, leaving no trace of her new relationship or children until now. She has never given an interview or been featured in the media, and no details of her personal life have ever been revealed. Anne has remained silent during the spat between Johnny Depp and Amber, although she has been spotted cheering on Jonny on several occasions. In the meantime, Anne has kept a low profile, opting to keep her personal life away from the public and the press.

The place Is Lori Anne Allison She Now?

Lori Anne Allison uprooted her life and moved to Los Angeles in the ’80s to work in the film and television industry. Apparently, she had hoped to become a newscaster or reporter. After going mostly deaf in her left ear, she began working as a professional makeup artist, and when her friend Christina Applegate found out, she got her a job in television. Evidently she has been residing in Los Angeles since the early Nineties. She is the type of person who prefers to keep her personal life behind closed doors and has never, in all her years, granted an interview about herself.

Who is the partner of Lori Anne Allison?

Johnny Depp, who is most known for playing Captain Jack Sparrow, was a member of the band The Kids while he was a senior in high school in Miramar, Florida. Somewhat popular band The Kids opened for legendary acts including Talking Heads, The Pretenders, and The Ramones. Johny Depp became friendly with Lori Anne Allison, the sister of the bassist, during his tenure in the band.

Lori Anne Allison 2022
Lori Anne Allison 2022

The couple tied the knot in 1983. In contrast to Johnny Depp’s youthful 20 years, Allison had already lived for five years. However, Allison is now single and has kept mum about her dating life. In 1984, Depp landed his first film role in the horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street, although he was already married. Lori Allison is the head editor for the lifestyle publication Serendipity.

Serendipity is a celebration of the best parts of life in the Northeast, with a focus on Fairfield and Westchester Counties in the New York metropolitan area. They provide up-to-date information on, among other things, the worlds of fashion and food. Because of her enthusiasm for cosmetics, she debuted in Sunset Heat. The films Rule of Three, Matters of Consequence, Recalculating, and others all benefited from her expertise as a makeup artist.

Several of the short films she produced and directed earned her acclaim. Depp and Lori tied the knot on December 20, 1983, when he was just 20 years old and she was 25. The band that Depp was in had a bassist whose sister was Lori Anne Allison. Lori was a cosmetics artist and her husband performed odd jobs, including as a telemarketer for a pen maker.

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