lorie campbell
lorie campbell

Lorie Campbell: Certified Divorce Coach and Wife of Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell, the star of “Three Wise Men And A Baby,” found his partner and pillar of strength in Lorie Campbell. Let’s delve into their relationship, Lorie’s profession as a divorce coach, and their shared journey.

The Marriage of Paul Campbell and Lorie Campbell

Paul Campbell and Lorie Campbell tied the knot in 2009, initially eloping and then having a second wedding in 2011 in the presence of their loved ones. Despite keeping their personal lives private, their marriage has thrived for over a decade.

Paul Campbell: A Notable Canadian Actor

Known for his appearances in various films and television shows, Paul Campbell has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He gained recognition for his role in “Three Wise Men And A Baby” and has starred in other notable projects, including “Dating the Delaneys,” “Christmas by Starlight,” and “The Nine Kittens of Christmas.” Campbell began acting 2002 as Chuck Chattsworth in the television series “The Dead Zone.”

Lorie Campbell: A Certified Divorce Coach

Lorie Campbell, also known as Lorie Metz, is a certified wellness and divorce coach from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her expertise lies in guiding individuals through the complex and emotional separation process, offering valuable advice on managing emotions and effective co-parenting.

Lorie’s Approach as a Divorce Coach

As a CDC-certified divorce coach, Lorie Campbell takes a unique approach to assisting her clients. She emphasizes the importance of looking toward the future rather than dwelling on the past. Lorie describes herself as an empathetic and curious listener, providing support without judgment.

She aims to empower her clients to regain control of their lives and create the future they deserve. Through her positive outlook, love, and occasional laughter, Lorie helps individuals ignite positivity and embrace new beginnings.

The Personal Life of Lorie Campbell

While Lorie Campbell maintains a private online presence, she keeps her Instagram account private and refrains from sharing personal details online. Despite this discretion, her professional profile showcases her dedication to helping individuals navigate the challenges of divorce and find a path to personal growth and fulfillment.

A Blissful Relationship Behind the Scenes

Although Paul and Lorie Campbell keep their personal lives away from the public eye, it is evident that they have cultivated a solid and blissful relationship. With Lorie’s expertise as a wellness and divorce coach, she is well-equipped to guide them through any challenges they may face and help them maintain a fulfilling and harmonious life together.

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The Journey Continues for Paul and Lorie Campbell

Paul Campbell and Lorie Campbell’s partnership is a testament to love and support. As they continue to divide their time between Los Angeles and Vancouver due to their respective professions, they find strength in each other’s presence. While their personal lives remain largely undisclosed, their commitment to their relationship and the support they provide one another serve as the foundation for their ongoing journey together.

Lorie Campbell: @lulujeans on Instagram

Lorie Campbell can be found on Instagram under the username @lulujeans. However, her account is private, limiting access to her posts and making them visible only to her approved followers. Unlike her husband, Lorie’s Instagram account is not verified, lacking the blue verification tick on her profile. Her Instagram bio includes a link to her personal and work website.

Describing herself as a “Seeker of fun and Lover of stories,” Lorie has been listening to people’s life stories as a life coach for a significant period.

Paul Campbell and Lorie’s Son, Kingston Campbell

Lorie Campbell and her husband, Paul Campbell, share a son named Kingston Campbell. Kingston was born in April 2016 and is six years old as of 2022. The family splits their time between Los Angeles and Vancouver, accommodating their professional commitments.

Although Paul and Lorie prefer to keep their personal lives private, Kingston often appears on his father’s Instagram. Their adventures and holiday moments are captured and shared, providing glimpses into their lives. Recently, Paul and Kingston enjoyed a skiing holiday, highlighting the bond between father and son.

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Lorie Campbell’s Divorce Journey

Lorie Metz Campbell has experienced divorce not once but twice in her life. She openly discusses separation twice on her website, emphasizing the challenges of navigating such experiences alone.

Lorie acknowledges that attempting to handle separation without assistance does not contribute positively to long-term well-being. While she has not disclosed details about her previous relationships, she has moved on from those experiences. Lorie now enjoys a beautiful family with her husband, Paul, and their son, Kingston.

Lorie’s Personal Struggles and Triumphs

Lorie Campbell has faced significant challenges and triumphs throughout her life. She has openly shared her health issues and fertility struggles, which caused trauma in her early twenties. Additionally, enduring two divorces brought about immense pain and growth.

Despite these obstacles, Lorie’s strength shines through, and she has built a fulfilling life with her husband and son. Her journey has likely shaped her empathetic and understanding approach as a life and divorce coach.

Lorie Campbell: A Woman of Resilience and Family

Although private, Lorie Campbell’s Instagram account offers a glimpse into her life. As the wife of Paul Campbell and mother to Kingston, she navigates the joys and challenges of family life with grace and resilience.

Lorie’s experiences with divorce have not deterred her from finding love and building a beautiful family. Through her work as a life and divorce coach, she brings empathy, wisdom, and a listening ear to those seeking guidance in their journeys.


Who is Lorie Campbell?

Lorie Campbell is the wife of Canadian actor Paul Campbell. She is a certified wellness and divorce coach from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, specializing in helping individuals navigate separation and achieve personal growth.

How long have Paul and Lorie Campbell been married?

Paul and Lorie Campbell have been married since 2009, having had a second wedding in 2011 in the presence of their family and friends.

How many children do Paul and Lorie Campbell have?

Paul and Lorie Campbell have one son together named Kingston Campbell, who was born in April 2016.

What is Lorie Campbell’s profession?

Lorie Campbell is a certified wellness and divorce coach, providing guidance to individuals going through separation and helping them manage their emotions and co-parent effectively.

Has Lorie Campbell been divorced before?

Yes, Lorie Campbell has been divorced twice in her life. She openly discusses her experiences with divorce and emphasizes the importance of seeking support during such challenging times.

How does Lorie Campbell approach her coaching clients?

Lorie Campbell takes a unique approach as a divorce coach, focusing on empowering her clients to create a positive future rather than dwelling on the past. She aims to ignite positivity, love, and laughter in her clients’ lives while providing empathetic and non-judgmental support.

How does Lorie Campbell balance her personal and professional life?

Lorie Campbell, along with her husband Paul, splits their time between Los Angeles and Vancouver due to their respective professions. They prioritize their relationship and family while managing their careers in the entertainment industry and coaching.

What challenges has Lorie Campbell overcome in her life?

Lorie Campbell has faced health issues and fertility struggles in her early twenties. Additionally, she has gone through two divorces, which have contributed to her personal growth and resilience. Despite these challenges, she has built a fulfilling life with her husband and son and uses her experiences to support others on their journeys.

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