Mike Holmes Wife
Mike Holmes Wife

Who Is Mike Holmes’s Wife? Is He Still Married?

Mike James Holmes, a Canadian builder, has been dubbed the most dependable builder in North America. He became well-known by assisting homeowners in locating issues with their newly restored homes. Sometimes the problems he found necessitated starting over with the house.

Mike visits homeowners in his show “Holmes on Holmes” who have issues due to negligent and subpar construction work. Following the homeowners’ briefing, Mike conducts his investigation and begins repairing the damage the previous contractor caused.

Mike and his team frequently need to start from scratch when salvaging a structure because of the need to reconstruct complete homes. This wonderful TV personality has been a successful businessman, contractor, and philanthropist for almost two decades. Fans are naturally curious about the specifics of the contractor’s life off of television. Here is all we learned, though!

How Was Mike Holmes’s Childhood?

Mike Holmes Wife
Mike Holmes Wife

Mike is a Toronto, Ontario, native born on August 3, 1963, to Jim and Shirley Holmes. He grew up with an older sister and a younger brother. Mike’s father was an early inspiration for his fascination with and curiosity about how things function. The person that irritated Mike’s interest in the building industry was Jim Holmes, a plumber, and engineer with General Motors

. As he assisted in completely rewiring their home’s second floor at age six, Mike was already displaying intelligence. In 1982, Mike Holmes, then 19 years old, wed Alexandra Lorex. They had Amanda Holmes, their first child, just two years later, in 1984. The former couple lived a perfect marriage.

Within a short period, Mike and Alexandra added two more children to their family: Mike Jr. and Sherry, their middle daughter. When Mike was 25 years old, he had three children and was a prosperous businessman.

Who Was Alexandra Lorex, Mike Holmes’ First Wife?

In 1982, when Mike was 19 years old, he married Alexandra Lorex. Three children were born to the happy couple: Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Jr. Regrettably, Mike’s firm suffered greatly during the early 1990s recession. His business troubles exacerbated his domestic issues. As a result of their growing distance from one another, Mike and Alexandra divorced.


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The bond between Mike and his children was unaffected by the divorce. In addition to frequently appearing on Mike’s show, Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Jr. have all followed their father into the construction business. Mike displays his close bond with his kids on his Instagram feed.

He just posted an Instagram picture of Amanda dressed as a bear with the caption: This one’s for our Holmes behind the scenes, I say. I’d want to wish my daughter Amanda a pleasant birthday! I have to make the most of the one day a year to post a picture of her. Love you, young man.

Who Was Anna Zappia, Mike Holmes’ Ex-Wife?

In the early 1990s, Mike’s life was in ruins: He had ended his marriage, lost both of his parents, and was in danger of losing his business. But his company survived, and Anna Zappia entered his life. She helped him restart his construction business and enter the television industry.

Mike Holmes was hesitant to enter the reality television industry, but his family and coworkers persuaded him to try it. The first season of Holmes on Homes was broadcast despite some initial setbacks and was a huge hit. Mike’s personal life was in shambles when Anna Zappia entered his life shortly after his business.

Mike Holmes Wife
Mike Holmes Wife

She helped him restore his construction business, and when the opportunity arose, she pushed him to pursue a career in television. Since then, Anna has remained by Mike’s side, and the two have a friendly and romantic relationship. Reports imply that the pair have secretly wed, even though it is unclear whether they have exchanged marital vows. Additionally, Mike refers to Anna as his wife and has frequently claimed that she makes the ideal partner.

What Are The Children of Mike Holmes?

Through his union with Alexandra Lorex, Mike has had three kids. With his children, Amanda Holmes, Sherry Holmes, and Michael Holmes Jr., Mike has maintained a loving and excellent relationship even after their divorce. Even though Amanda prefers to stay in the background, all three of his children enjoy assisting their father in his business. Mike’s programs frequently include Sherry and Mike Jr.

The oldest child, Amanda, born in 1984, or just two years after Mike and Alexandra were wed, chose to lead a secluded life and has been married twice. Adam Belanger, a coworker with whom she had a previous marriage, filed for divorce for unspecified grounds. She currently has a husband who is yet unidentified. Wyatt and Emily, two lovely children she is the mother of, are hers. Before she left to explore other opportunities, Amanda made a few appearances on her father’s reality series with him. She nevertheless keeps her job at the family company.

Sherry, the other daughter of Mike, and Blake Steed have a wonderful marriage. Cali Kay Holmes Steed, their lovely daughter, was born in 2017. They got engaged in 2017. Sherry never showed any interest in her father’s work; instead, Mike Jr. claimed Sherry aspired to earn enough money to travel. She joined her family’s joint initiative with Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation in 2008, though, and ever since then, she’s been pushing herself to the edge in what she calls a “phenomenal” experience.

Michael “Mike” Jr., Mike’s only child and youngest child, is continuing in his father’s footsteps. While working with his father during the summer, Mike Jr. fell in love with building even though he had never been interested in it. In a gorgeous, storybook wedding ceremony, Mike wed Lisa Grant in 2017. His father, who he characterizes as a perfectionist, gave him the best advice: treat others how you would like to be treated.

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